Test some rest functionalities against Drupal 8 REST and HAL server
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About this project

As setting up a test environment is cumbersome this project provides for a install and test script.

It has a POST script to try posting entities into Drupal 8

DIY HAL POST a node is https://www.drupal.org/node/2098511

Known issues:


  1. You should have a running Drupal 8 install
  2. You must have installed Drush
  3. You need to know how to write Drush aliases
    $ vi ~/.drush/drupal.aliases.drushrc.php

Alias file content:

$aliases['d8'] = array (
  'root' => '/Users/clemens/Sites/drupal/d8/www',
  'uri' => 'http://drupal.d8',
  'databases' =>
  array (
    'default' =>
    array (
      'default' =>
      array (
        'database' => 'drupal_d8',
        'username' => 'drupal_d8',
        'password' => 'drupal_d8',
        'host' => 'localhost',
        'port' => '',
        'driver' => 'mysql',
        'prefix' => '',

How to install

  • Checkout this REPO
  • Run ./rest.sh
  • Follow the instructions.

Install HAL browser

To test HAL navigation install https://github.com/mikekelly/hal-browser

Command line options

Run $ ./rest.sh gives:

Run with one of the following argument(s) in order of appearance:

Quick start argument sets are:

  • install-hal : Quickly installs and configures an empty site for HAL and query for content
  • hal-content : Query as admin for all hal configured content
  • hal-content-anon : Query as anonymous for all configured content
  • hal-9000 : Generate 42 nodes
  • json-content : Query as admin for all hal configured content
  • json-content-anon : Query as anonymous for all configured content

Step by step arguments are:

  • install : reinstalls drupal enable modules and setup config
  • install-modules : install contrib modules: devel rest_ui oauth
  • install-config : copies the .dist files
  • views : tries to install a view for the 'nodes' FIXME
  • content : generated the needed data: users nodes comment
  • rest-set : enable the rest module disable the hal module and load config
  • rest : set the accept header
  • hal-set : enable the hal module and load config
  • hal : set the accept header
  • perms : sets the known permissions for the exposed rest resources
  • web : alias for drush user-login
  • anon : swith to anonymous user which may not view profile
  • nodes : query the configured views is successful. FIXME
  • node : query for a node resource
  • comment : query for a comment resource
  • user : query for a user resource

Test POST using HAL

Create a clear install with supporting modules:

./rest.sh install-modules install
./rest.sh hal-set hal config
./rest.sh hal node comment user # writes node/1 comment/1 and user/1 into /data dir
php ./post.php # tries to post new node, comment, user