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Az Kung Fu - Adminstrator & DevOps VM!

Az Kung Fu Administrator's VM

Have you ever spent hours building a machine to use as an Azure Administrator or DevOps workstation? There's a lot of tools to install. Oh, and what about installing Windows Subsystem for Linux? Then this one click deployment is for you. Use this VM to start down the path of az-kung-fu grasshopper!

Click the "Deploy to Azure" button to deep link into the Azure Portal to deploy this Az Kung Fu VM to become an Azure Administrator Master!

This repo is part of the larger Az Kung Fu project from Dan Patrick and Chris Pietschmann.

Software included on the VM

This virtual machine template is meant to easily create a sort of "power tools" style VM for Azure Administrators, as well as Developers and other roles, to use for more easily having a great Azure CLI scripting environment. The template automatically installs lots of really great tools for this purpose.

  1. Windows 10 Desktop
  2. Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)
  3. Chocolately
  4. Azure Storage Explorer
  5. Azure Powershell
  6. Azure CLI (Windows)
  7. Azure CLI (bash - manual install)
  8. Windows Terminal
  9. Git for Windows (bash)
  10. Microsoft Edge
  11. Putty
  12. Visual Studio Code
  13. Kubernetes CLI
  14. Kubernetes Helm
  15. Terraform CLI
  16. make
  17. Lens
  18. 7-Zip


  1. User: Supplied on deploy
  2. Password: Supplied on deploy

az-kung-fu-vm screnshot with apps shown

Configure Windows Subsystem for Linux

Once the Azure CLI Kung Fu VM is deployed, you can easily setup the Ubuntu for Windows using WSL by clicking the shortcut icon right on the Desktop:

  1. Double-click Install Ubuntu on Desktop, click Install.
  2. Follow prompts to install providing UNIX username and password.
  3. Run the following command to install the Azure CLI into WSL
sudo apt-get update -y && curl -sL | sudo bash

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One click Azure Kung Fu VM for Azure Administrators and DevOps Engineers








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