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OMG Knowledge Base

The OMG Network Knowledge Base (OMG KB) was conceived as a joint effort between the OMG community and project team to support quality communication and discourse concerning the OMG Network. The OMG KB is maintained by community contributors and reflects an ongoing collection of curated information on the status and development of the OMG Network.


The intention of the knowledge base is to provide this collection of information in a laymen's way so that it can be used for informational purposes. Data can be collected off via gitbook(needs citation) and is formatted to allow for programmatic access for various applications. (list other uses here)


The knowledge base is comprised of information that leads to known answers of questions commonly (or not so commonly) asked. It contains general and specific information related to progress of the project, information about operation of the network, the companies' intentions and lots of other information one might find helpful in understanding the network.


Because of the Open Source nature of the project, we are actively seeking contributors from people who have a desire to help the project reach it's full potential. Users must uphold the rules set forth in our Code of Conduct.

Programmatic Access to the data

How to acces the knowledge database in your application Documentation about getting information off of Gitbook (hard links etc)


List of near term goals to get the knowledge base 100% for initial version 1 release

KB Milestones

Milestones / Mid term goals for what to do regarding increasing the utility of the program, additional apis, further chat integrations, automated chat support AI’s etc.


A Reddit Bot was created with user patients and loving care (link)

We would like to thank our contributors for the time they have spent in assisting in the development of this project

The Knowledge Base is released under the MIT License

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