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QnA data guidelines

Starter for some guidelines around building good QnA training data for the OMG chat bot.


  • To generate training data for the OMG chat bot, questions posted in the AMAs need to succinct:
    • Please do not post questions like this: "Will the “average Joe” be able to stake without having to worry about his/hers OMGs? Will there be certain precautions that will need to be taken in order to prevent being hacked?"
    • Questions like this are better for our bot: "How safe will staking be?"
    • ...or this: "Will staking be safe?"
  • We probably need to be careful about having overlapping Q&As in different places
    • TODO: Can we prioritise one answer over another with metadata?
  • If the questions are short we can probably automate generating phrasing variations to help the models


  • Should be triaged to make sure they are acceptable (clear, correct, free from the usual troll stuff)
    • TODO: how to sign these off? Pull request?
  • The QnA bot should provide the pointer to the correct response, not the answer. IMO: PickledN
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