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xDB Peek

The master branch is on 9.2, but there is a release branch for each version of Sitecore 9.x. I would like to get the 8.2 branch updated. But it is so far off from 9.x, it a hard lift to maintain both.


The xDB Peek exposes the current user's profile data in a JSON format and UI.


There are two APIs available:


Just visit VisitorDetails

VisitorDetails JSON

Route: /Apis/v1/VisitorDetails Outputs the aggregation of the user's profile.

Clear the session

Route: /Apis/v1/ClearVisitorSession Clears the user's session is Sitecore. This has the same effect as timing the user's sessions out. This causes the session to be written to Mongo.

Tell Sitecore I am not a robot

Route: /Apis/v1/MakeSessionHuman Tells Sitecore that the current session is real. This works well for UI/UX testing where you are checking xConnect data after the session is closed.


An example of the output


Pull the version from releases that matches your version. Install as an update package.