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Hello, fellow opensourcer!

Welcome to Hacktoberfest Guwahati WhatsApp Group! Here are a few things you'd want to do just after joining the group:

  1. Read the intro message (IMPORTANT)
  2. Introduce yourself in one single message. (optional)
  3. Register for Hacktoberfest if you have not already!
  4. Ask your questions away! 😃
  5. Read this article on how to ask good questions by Julia Evans
  6. Read the rules below.


  1. You should not DM someone from the group with a question that could benefit other participants, this will be selfish on your side and will be a repeat if someone else asks the same question later. Rather, ask the question publicly in the group. Sharing is caring 👼
  2. Participants violating the CoC will be sanctioned or expelled from the event and the WhatsApp group at the discretion of the event organizers.


Intro message

Hello and welcome! 🎉

The goal for this group is to give you the help you need to get started in contributing to open source.

We'll have a daylong meetup consisting of interesting talks and workshops on a weekend after the 10th of October'19 and another one towards the end of October.

Through the lifetime of this group (Oct 2nd - Nov 2nd) we’ll work from the small —creating your GitHub account, then understanding what open source is. Then step out and invite some interesting people to do AMAs here in the group, learn some best practices and importance of communication in OSS, share learning resources, etc.

There is no specific time we meet here in the group, you should be able to get help at any time of the day.

Once you complete the challenge, do let us know :)

What kinds of questions you can ask, you ask?

  • 💡If it's a code related help, but try googling first.
  • 💡If it's a question related to git/GitHub any other tool involved.
  • 💡If you're not able to find a repository to contribute to.
  • 💡If you need learning material on something.
  • 💡If it's about the opensource ecosystem.

If you think any other question is appropriate for the group, please do ask.

We'll keep a daily chat log at: so that new participants can view previous messages.

Everyone in the group can help everyone, but we also have members who are maintainers of OSS projects, GSoC mentors and people who have been contributing to OSS for a significant amount of time, so you're well backed. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

I'd encourage members to introduce themselves.

One more thing,

This isn’t a WhatsApp University :D, it’s a conversation. If you don’t understand something, have any question, please ask.

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