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XcodeServer API Docs

Unofficial documentation of the Xcode Server API (Xcode 7 edition).

In late 2015, Apple published official Xcode Server API documentation. This project will thus not be maintained anymore, but feel free to use the existing examples while they're relevant.

For the best browsing experience, please visit the interactive documentation view at Apiary.

We're using the API Blueprint format, so feel free to contribute to the apiary.apib file. There is also a snapshot of the interactive documentation in docs.html.

πŸŽ“ Getting Started With Xcode Server

To find out how to set up Xcode Server on your Mac in minutes (and more), check out my series of tutorials.

πŸ’­ Purpose

Many of us like the Xcode Server continuous integration tool. Recently it introduced an API which allows you to integrate it in your workflow. This API is however not yet fully documented, which this project attempts to fix.

This knowledge is used in XcodeServerSDK, an unofficial SDK for talking to the Xcode Server API written in Swift, where you can get a good understanding of how to call many of the following APIs. This enables tools like Buildasaur, which allow for Xcode Server to be an even more powerful tool.

⚠️ Warning

Since there is no official documentation yet, calling APIs with bad parameters might brick your Xcode Server. Note that many of the API endpoints are used internally by Xcode Server, so it might not be smart to try everything. I will gradually document the tried and useful endpoints and warn against the more tricky ones. However, I am in no way liable for what you do with this information. I recommend to not experiment on your production Xcode Server and instead run a development Xcode Server on your development machine. There you can always reset everything with sudo xcrun xcscontrol --reset, which deletes all Xcode Server data including your setup bots and integration assets.

If you want to know more about reverse engineering how Xcode Server works under the hood, check out my article.

πŸš€ API Documentation

Endpoints with βœ… are fully documented in our interactive documentation. Click on the section header (e.g. Bots) to jump to the documentation. Below is a list of API endpoints we're aiming to document.

All the following API endpoints are JSON based.

For more restricted actions like creating a bot, you need to use Basic authentication. Such request has to contain a header like this

Authorization: Basic aGVsbG93b3JsZDpzZWNyZXRwYXNzd29yZA==

where aGVsbG93b3JsZDpzZWNyZXRwYXNzd29yZA== is just username and password, concatenated by : and base64 encoded.


  • GET /integrations/:id/assets
  • GET /integrations/:id/install_product
  • GET /integrations/:id/:token/install_manifest.plist
  • GET /assets/token/:token/*
  • GET /assets/*
  • GET /profiles/ota.mobileconfig
  • GET /integrations/:id/files
  • POST /integrations/:id/files
  • PUT /files/:id/upload

Authentication (use cases)

  • POST /auth/login
  • POST /auth/force_login
  • POST /auth/logout
  • GET /auth/islogged
  • GET /auth/isBotCreator

Bots (use cases)

  • βœ… POST /bots
  • βœ… GET /bots
  • βœ… GET /bots/:id
  • PATCH /bots/:id
  • βœ… DELETE /bots/:id/:rev
  • βœ… DELETE /bots
  • βœ… GET /bots/:id/stats

Code Coverage

  • POST /code_coverage/bulk_import
  • GET /code_coverage/integration/:id
  • POST /code_coverage/integration/keypath

Devices (use cases)

  • POST /devices
  • GET /devices
  • GET /devices/server
  • GET /devices/:id
  • PATCH /devices/:id
  • DELETE /devices/:id/:rev
  • DELETE /devices

Integrations (use cases)

  • βœ… POST /bots/:id/integrations
  • βœ… GET /bots/:id/integrations/count
  • βœ… GET /bots/:id/integrations/:filter?
  • GET /integrations
  • GET /integrations/orphaned
  • GET /integrations/running
  • GET /integrations/:id
  • PATCH /integrations/:id
  • DELETE /integrations
  • POST /integrations/bulk_import_tests
  • GET /integrations/:id/test/:keyPath/:deviceIdentifier?
  • POST /integrations/:id/test/batch/:deviceIdentifier?
  • POST /integrations/:id/commits
  • GET /integrations/:id/commits
  • POST /integrations/:id/cancel
  • POST /integrations/:id/request
  • POST /integrations/:id/tags
  • DELETE /integrations/:id/tags
  • DELETE /integrations/:id/:rev
  • GET /integrations/:id/tests_for_device/:did
  • GET /integrations/filter/tag/:tag/:bots?
  • GET /integrations/filter/:filter/:bots?
  • POST /integrations/bulk-import-integrations


  • GET /integrations/:id/issues
  • POST /integrations/:id/issues
  • POST /integrations/:id/bulk_issues
  • POST /integrations/:id/issues/:issueID/silence
  • POST /integrations/:id/issues/:issueID/unsilence
  • POST /integrations/:id/issues/:issueID/associations
  • DELETE /integrations/:id/issues/:issueID/associations


  • DELETE /unittests
  • GET /unittests/cleanup
  • GET /ping
  • GET /hostname
  • GET /maintenance-tasks


  • POST /integrations/:id/notifications

Platform (use cases)

  • POST /platforms
  • GET /platforms

Repositories (use cases)

  • GET /repositories
  • POST /repositories

Source Control Management (use cases)

  • POST /bots/preflight (depricated)
  • POST /scm/preflight
  • POST /scm/branches
  • POST /bots/:id/reflight
  • POST /bots/:id/branches
  • GET /bots/:id/blueprint
  • GET /integrations/:id/blueprint


  • GET /settings
  • GET /settings/list
  • PATCH /settings/:id
  • DELETE /settings/:id/:rev
  • DELETE /settings
  • POST /settings/service/enable
  • POST /settings/service/disable


  • GET /users/:name/canCreateRepositories
  • GET /users/:name/canViewBots
  • GET /users/:name/canCreateBots
  • GET /users/canAnyoneCreateRepositories
  • GET /users/canAnyoneViewBots
  • GET /users/canAnyoneCreateBots


  • POST /versions
  • GET /versions
  • GET /versions/list
  • PATCH /versions/:id
  • DELETE /versions/:id/:rev
  • DELETE /versions

✏️ Contributing

Yes! Great! Create a Pull Request πŸ‘

✌️ License


πŸ‘½ Author

Honza Dvorsky @czechboy0


Unofficial documentation of the Xcode Server API (Xcode 7 edition)







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