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Distributed caching and build infrastructure for Bazel, BuildStream, recc, etc.

The Buildbarn project

The Buildbarn project provides an implementation of the Remote Execution protocol. This protocol is used by tools such as Bazel, Buck2, BuildStream and recc to cache and optionally execute build actions remotely.

Repository guide

In bb-deployments you will find example configurations for a full Buildbarn deployment.

You can then have a look at bb-storage to see the implementation of the storage daemon. Buildbarns components takes only one parameter, the path to a configuration file. The schema for the configuration files are described in .proto format and in the proto files you will find detailed descriptions for all of the options.

With bb-storage you can configure a load balanced remote cache solution for your builds after which you can then move on to bb-remote-execution and find the programs required for remote execution.

As your build grows large you can then set up a bb-clientd daemon on your workstation. This is an implementation of the remote output service based on Buildbarns storage implementation.

Join us on Slack!

There is a #buildbarn channel on that you can join to get in touch with other people who use and hack on Buildbarn.

Commercial Support

Buildbarn has an active and enthusiastic community. Though we try to help and support those who have issues or questions, sometimes organisations need more dedicated support. The following is a list of community members who you can contact if you require commercial support. Please submit a PR if you wish to have your name listed here. Having a name listed is not necessarily an endorsement.

Commercial Hosting and Professional Services

Meroton - Cloud Hosted Buildbarn and Services

Buildbarn does not encourage commercial forks and is willing to engage with organisations to merge changes upstream in order to be maintained by the community.

Popular repositories

  1. bb-storage bb-storage Public

    Storage daemon, capable of storing data for the Remote Execution protocol

    Go 117 84

  2. bb-remote-execution bb-remote-execution Public

    Tools for Buildbarn to allow remote execution of build actions

    Go 95 58

  3. bb-deployments bb-deployments Public

    Example deployments of Buildbarn on various platforms

    Starlark 86 60

  4. bb-browser bb-browser Public

    Web frontend for exploring an Action Cache / Content Addressable Storage

    Starlark 36 30

  5. bb-clientd bb-clientd Public

    Buildbarn client-side FUSE/NFSv4 daemon

    Go 24 7

  6. bb-adrs bb-adrs Public

    Architecture Decision Records for Buildbarn

    20 4


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