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Casual Buildbot contributors can do their work without any particular permissions: patches can come via pull requests, tickets can be filed with a simple registration, and anyone can help out on IRC or the mailing list. Buildbot developers, however, deserve both formal recognition of their position and an easier process for contributions

Commit Rights

Permission to push to and the associated repositories is granted by membership in the "Buildbot Commit Access" group in the organization. Developers will receive notice of all pull requests on github, and are expected to review and merge patches in addition to their own development work. Developers also have the strongest voice in setting direction for the project.

To be given commit rights, a contributor should have an established history of well-constructed patches and be willing to make a long-term commitment to the project. Botherders make the final determination of who will be given commit rights, but the recommendation of any other developer is very persuasive.

Trac Admin

Trac needs a lot of handholding, and anyone who can help out by triaging bugs, keeping wiki pages up to date, and handling administrative issues like user accounts and spam, is a great help to the project.

Botherders can grant additional permissions in Trac on an as-needed basis (by granting the TRAC_ADMIN permission). Ask via email or in IRC.

IRC Voice (+v)

The "+" prefix to nicknames in IRC indicates someone who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting other users. It doesn't grant any additional capabilities, but serves as a recognition of their contribution.

Botherders, or anyone with ops in the channel, can add this flag with the chanserv command flags #buildbot $nick +V. Nominations by others in the channel (via PM) are appreciated.

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