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# this requires python >=2.3 for the 'sets' module.
# The from python-2.3 appears to work fine under python2.2 . To
# install this script on a host with only python2.2, copy
# /usr/lib/python2.3/ from a newer python into somewhere on your
# PYTHONPATH, then edit the #! line above to invoke python2.2
# python2.1 is right out
# If you run this program as part of your SVN post-commit hooks, it will
# deliver Change notices to a buildmaster that is running a PBChangeSource
# instance.
# edit your svn-repository/hooks/post-commit file, and add lines that look
# like this:
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from future.utils import text_type
import os
import re
import sets
import subprocess
import sys
from twisted.cred import credentials
from twisted.internet import defer
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import usage
from twisted.spread import pb
# set up PYTHONPATH to contain Twisted/buildbot perhaps, if not already
# installed site-wide
. ~/.environment
/path/to/ --repository "$REPOS" --revision "$REV" \
--bbserver localhost --bbport 9989 --username myuser --auth passwd
# We have hackish "-d" handling here rather than in the Options
# subclass below because a common error will be to not have twisted in
# PYTHONPATH; we want to be able to print that error to the log if
# debug mode is on, so we set it up before the imports.
DEBUG = None
if '-d' in sys.argv:
i = sys.argv.index('-d')
DEBUG = sys.argv[i + 1]
del sys.argv[i]
del sys.argv[i]
f = open(DEBUG, 'a')
sys.stderr = f
sys.stdout = f
class Options(usage.Options):
optParameters = [
['repository', 'r', None,
"The repository that was changed."],
['worker-repo', 'c', None,
"In case the repository differs for the workers."],
['revision', 'v', None,
"The revision that we want to examine (default: latest)"],
['bbserver', 's', 'localhost',
"The hostname of the server that buildbot is running on"],
['bbport', 'p', 8007,
"The port that buildbot is listening on"],
['username', 'u', 'change',
"Username used in PB connection auth"],
['auth', 'a', 'changepw',
"Password used in PB connection auth"],
['include', 'f', None,
Search the list of changed files for this regular expression, and if there is
at least one match notify buildbot; otherwise buildbot will not do a build.
You may provide more than one -f argument to try multiple
patterns. If no filter is given, buildbot will always be notified.'''],
['filter', 'f', None, "Same as --include. (Deprecated)"],
['exclude', 'F', None,
The inverse of --filter. Changed files matching this expression will never
be considered for a build.
You may provide more than one -F argument to try multiple
patterns. Excludes override includes, that is, patterns that match both an
include and an exclude will be excluded.'''],
['encoding', 'e', "utf8",
"The encoding of the strings from subversion (default: utf8)"],
['project', 'P', None, "The project for the source."]
optFlags = [
['dryrun', 'n', "Do not actually send changes"],
def __init__(self):
self._includes = []
self._excludes = []
self['includes'] = None
self['excludes'] = None
def opt_include(self, arg):
self._includes.append('.*%s.*' % (arg, ))
opt_filter = opt_include
def opt_exclude(self, arg):
self._excludes.append('.*%s.*' % (arg, ))
def postOptions(self):
if self['repository'] is None:
raise usage.error("You must pass --repository")
if self._includes:
self['includes'] = '(%s)' % ('|'.join(self._includes), )
if self._excludes:
self['excludes'] = '(%s)' % ('|'.join(self._excludes), )
def split_file_dummy(changed_file):
"""Split the repository-relative filename into a tuple of (branchname,
branch_relative_filename). If you have no branches, this should just
return (None, changed_file).
return (None, changed_file)
# this version handles repository layouts that look like:
# trunk/files.. -> trunk
# branches/branch1/files.. -> branches/branch1
# branches/branch2/files.. -> branches/branch2
def split_file_branches(changed_file):
pieces = changed_file.split(os.sep)
if pieces[0] == 'branches':
return (os.path.join(*pieces[:2]),
if pieces[0] == 'trunk':
return (pieces[0], os.path.join(*pieces[1:]))
# there are other sibilings of 'trunk' and 'branches'. Pretend they are
# all just funny-named branches, and let the Schedulers ignore them.
# return (pieces[0], os.path.join(*pieces[1:]))
raise RuntimeError("cannot determine branch for '%s'" % changed_file)
split_file = split_file_dummy
class ChangeSender:
def getChanges(self, opts):
"""Generate and stash a list of Change dictionaries, ready to be sent
to the buildmaster's PBChangeSource."""
# first we extract information about the files that were changed
repo = opts['repository']
worker_repo = opts['worker-repo'] or repo
print("Repo:", repo)
rev_arg = ''
if opts['revision']:
rev_arg = '-r %s' % (opts['revision'], )
changed = subprocess.check_output('svnlook changed %s "%s"' % (
rev_arg, repo), shell=True)
changed = changed.decode(sys.stdout.encoding)
changed = changed.split('\n')
# the first 4 columns can contain status information
changed = [x[4:] for x in changed]
message = subprocess.check_output('svnlook log %s "%s"' % (rev_arg, repo), shell=True)
message = message.decode(sys.stdout.encoding)
who = subprocess.check_output('svnlook author %s "%s"' % (rev_arg, repo), shell=True)
who = who.decode(sys.stdout.encoding)
revision = opts.get('revision')
if revision is not None:
revision = str(int(revision))
# see if we even need to notify buildbot by looking at filters first
changestring = '\n'.join(changed)
fltpat = opts['includes']
if fltpat:
included = sets.Set(re.findall(fltpat, changestring))
included = sets.Set(changed)
expat = opts['excludes']
if expat:
excluded = sets.Set(re.findall(expat, changestring))
excluded = sets.Set([])
if len(included.difference(excluded)) == 0:
Buildbot was not interested, no changes matched any of these filters:\n %s
or all the changes matched these exclusions:\n %s\
""" % (fltpat, expat))
# now see which branches are involved
files_per_branch = {}
for f in changed:
branch, filename = split_file(f)
if branch in files_per_branch.keys():
files_per_branch[branch] = [filename]
# now create the Change dictionaries
changes = []
encoding = opts['encoding']
for branch in files_per_branch.keys():
d = {'who': text_type(who, encoding=encoding),
'repository': text_type(worker_repo, encoding=encoding),
'comments': text_type(message, encoding=encoding),
'revision': revision,
'project': text_type(opts['project'] or "", encoding=encoding),
'src': 'svn',
if branch:
d['branch'] = text_type(branch, encoding=encoding)
d['branch'] = branch
files = []
for file in files_per_branch[branch]:
files.append(text_type(file, encoding=encoding))
d['files'] = files
return changes
def sendChanges(self, opts, changes):
pbcf = pb.PBClientFactory()
reactor.connectTCP(opts['bbserver'], int(opts['bbport']), pbcf)
creds = credentials.UsernamePassword(opts['username'], opts['auth'])
d = pbcf.login(creds)
d.addCallback(self.sendAllChanges, changes)
return d
def sendAllChanges(self, remote, changes):
dl = [remote.callRemote('addChange', change)
for change in changes]
return defer.gatherResults(dl, consumeErrors=True)
def run(self):
opts = Options()
except usage.error as ue:
print("%s: %s" % (sys.argv[0], ue))
changes = self.getChanges(opts)
if opts['dryrun']:
for i, c in enumerate(changes):
print("CHANGE #%d" % (i + 1))
keys = sorted(c.keys())
for k in keys:
print("[%10s]: %s" % (k, c[k]))
print("*NOT* sending any changes")
d = self.sendChanges(opts, changes)
def quit(*why):
print("quitting! because", why)
d.addCallback(quit, "SUCCESS")
def failed(f):
reactor.callLater(60, quit, "TIMEOUT")
if __name__ == '__main__':
s = ChangeSender()
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