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Buildbotics Controller Schematics & PCB Layout

The top-level schematic is in the file buildbotics_controller.sch. To view and edit the schematics run:

make schematics

You must have make and the GEDA tools install. Other make commands are:

  • pcb - Open the PCB editor.
  • bom - Create Bill of Materials as
  • net - Generate the netlist as
  • drc - Run the Design Rule Checker.
  • layout - Initialize the PCB layout.
  • attrib - Edit schematic part attributes.
  • zip - Create a zip file from the Gerber and drill files.
  • tidy - Remove all backup files.
  • clean - Remove all autogenerated files.

Configuration notes

Copy the system gnetlistrc file:

mkdir -p ~/.gEDA
cp /etc/gEDA/system-gnetlistrc ~/.gEDA/gnetlistrc

Edit ~/.gEDA/gnetlistrc and comment out (insert semicolon) the line that reads:

(hierarchy-netattrib-mangle "enabled")

and uncomment the line that reads:

;(hierarchy-netattrib-mangle "disabled")

The resulting lines should look like this:

;(hierarchy-netattrib-mangle "enabled")
(hierarchy-netattrib-mangle "disabled")

This allows power and ground rails to be routed between schematics without mangling the names. Note, that as a consequence of this setting you cannot use net attributes in any schematic modules that are used more than once with out having them all connected together.

Set the library path in PCB to point to the local footprints folder. Use File->Preferences->Library in PCB to do this.


Copyright Buildbotics LLC 2016-2020.

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As per CERN-OHL-S v2 section 4, should You produce hardware based on these sources, You must maintain the Source Location clearly visible on the external case of the CNC Controller or other product you make using this documentation.