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A collection of open source libraries maintained by @bennoinbeta and

Brought to you by An open-source and template based image generation API.

📦 Packages

Package Description NPM Package
cli Straightforward CLI to bundle Typescript libraries with presets, powered by Rollup and Esbuild @ibg/cli
config Collection of ESLint, Vite, and Typescript configurations @ibg/config
feature-fetch Straightforward, typesafe, and feature-based fetch wrapper supporting OpenAPI types feature-fetch
feature-form Straightforward, typesafe, and feature-based form library feature-form
feature-logger Straightforward, typesafe, and feature-based logging library feature-logger
feature-react ReactJs extension for the feature-state and feature-form library, providing hooks and features for ReactJs feature-state-react
feature-state Straightforward, typesafe, and feature-based state management library for ReactJs feature-state
figma-connect Straightforward and typesafe wrapper around the communication between the app/ui (iframe) and plugin (sandbox) part of a Figma Plugin figma-connect
google-webfonts-client Typesafe and straightforward fetch client for interacting with the Google Web Fonts API using feature-fetch google-webfonts-client
openapi-router Thin wrapper around the router of web frameworks like Express and Hono, offering OpenAPI typesafety and seamless integration with validation libraries such as Valibot and Zod @ibg/openapi-router
utils Straightforward, typesafe, and tree-shakable collection of utility functions @ibg/utils
validation-adapter Universal validation adapter that integrates various validation libraries like Zod, Valibot, and Yup validation-adapter
validation-adapters Pre-made validation adapters for the validation-adapter library, including adapters for Zod and Valibot validation-adapters

📚 Examples

See /examples