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Builder React Starter

This starter project will get you up and running fast with a React project with visual page building + creation that you can customize and deploy anywhere.

Quick start


Be sure you have node.js installed on your system

Download and install

git clone
cd builder/starters/react
npm install

Make a free account

Create a free account at and grab your public API key from

Paste your API key at the top of src/App.js for the value of the API_KEY variable

Run the dev server

npm start

This will host your site at http://localhost:3000

Create content in Builder

Head back over to, and create a new page with url /page-1 and publish it (green button in top right corner)

Creating a page

Now go over to http://localhost:3000 to see your content live!


You can deploy your site with many services

For a quick and easy deployment, create an account at

Then from this project directory, run

npm install -g firebase-tools
firebase login
firebase init # be sure to choose "hosting" when prompted
npm run build
firebase deploy

And you are live!

For more detailed deployment instructions and options see here

Additional information

If you run into any issues here, don't hesitate to create a Github issue or even email me directly at

This project wasa created by create-react-app. For more information on commands and usage see their docs here

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