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builderscon is a festival for engineers.

When you think about "Technical conferences", what do you expect? When we say we want to hold a conference, we actually mean a fun, laid down festival for anybody who wants to share their experiences, new ideas, and most of all, the love for technology.

Our roots can be found in the series of conferences called YAPC::Asia Tokyo, where, in spite of its name, programmers from almost any genre were welcome. It was a true polyglot conference. The focus of the conferences were on the engineers -- the "builders" of our age, and not a particular language, product, or a community. We just wanted to listen and talk about good, geeky, and satisfying stories related to our technology.

builderscon takes this spirit, and attempts to carry it further. builderscon gathers anything and everything that is interesting, anything that the actual builders -- you -- are interested to discuss. We the audience want to hear about your passion on technology.

Purpose of this document

This document describes what builderscon is, and what is required to host a builderscon.

Status of This Document





Invite yourself!


Anybody who is interested in tech, software or hardware.


The main content of this conference are the talk sessions. Talk slots are either 20 or 50 minutes, plus 10 minutes of question and answer.

The talks MUST NOT be a mere showcase of a product or a tool. They MAY include introduction to tools, short advertisement for recruiting et al, but the main topic of the talks MUST incorporate topics that is directly beneficial to the attendees. For example:

  1. Problems encountered during development, and solutions
  2. Things that aid the developers, such as better development methods, how to use tools
  3. New emerging technologies and tutorials about how to use them.

For example, in Programming-Language centric conferences it is somewhat

Release of Materials

In general, all content from builderscon SHOULD be released to the public, including talk slides and recordings. Presenters MAY decline to release these materials, and builderscon organizers MUST ask for their explicit permission to do so. However in order for it to be "builderscon", the majority of the content MUST be released to the public.

Organizing Your builderscon

Upon signing an agreement with the builderscon committee, you are allowed to host builderscon yourself.

Some restrictions:

  • You MUST follow the format presented by the committee
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