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This application implements the site.

Features include:

  • Handles multiple conference series (i.e. Conference "X" 2016, 2017, 2018... and Conference "Y" 2016, 2017, 2018... etc)
  • Internationalized (currently supports Japanese and English)
  • Github/Twitter/Facebook login
  • Capability to track user proposal submissions over time (so you know which proposals were sent to which conference)
  • Capability to display sessions for a given user over time (so you can view all of their video/slides)
  • Custom redirects for conferences that do not want to use our site, but want to register their data through octav
  • Automatic session timetable generation
  • Automatic conference staff page generation
  • Customizable session submission workflow

How to run on Vagrant

  1. setup

    $ vagrant up
  2. configure, edit config.json

    Currently OCTAB section is empty. Please set proper values to run correctly.

  3. start server in simple server.

    $ vagrant ssh
    $ cd ~/vagrant
    $ redis-server &
    $ gunicorn app:app
  4. access

How to run on GAE local dev server (work in progress, as we did not fully migrate to GAE yet)

  1. setup GAE SDK

  2. start GAE local dev server

    do not forget the last dot (.) in the command

    $ .
  3. access


Extract translatable strings from templates

pybabel extract --mapping babel.cfg --output messages.pot .

Initialize message catalogs (ONLY DO THIS ONCE for $locale)

pybabel init --input-file messages.pot --output-dir translations/ --domain messages --locale $locale 

Update message catalogs when messages.pot changes

pybabel update --input-file messages.pot --output-dir translations/ --domain messages --locale $locale 

Compile message catalogs

pybabel compile --directory translations/ --domain messages