builderscon web site and api server
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builderscon web site and api server

What's With The Name?

Eh, don't worry. Just a word that I came up with, and has absolutely no meaning.Feel free to suggest a better name



  • Administrators can register "organizers"
  • Organizers can create/update/delete "conferences"
  • Organizers can register "venues" (which has one or more "rooms")
  • Organizers can accept/reject talk proposals
  • Organizers can edit talk proposals, to set date/time, etc.
  • Speakers can register their photo, bio. Must register email (not public, only used to send notices from organizers)
  • Speakers can register themselves ("speakers")
  • Speakers can submit talk proposals ("sessions"). Proposals can be either hidden or visible. If hidden, we need a "make schedule visible" button
  • Conferences have "news feed", "Twitter/Social Network Feed display"
  • Accepted talks show up in schedule
  • Sessions can have, among other things, video urls and slide urls. These can be shown as a list. It can be grouped by tags, too.
  • Sessions have Facebook/Twitter/etc buttons


  • Register users (attendees)
  • Organizers can notify attendees via email or whatever else proper means
  • Organizers can post to Facebook/Twitter/etc, via the official account.
  • Attendees can send back feedback on sessions/conferences
  • Attendees can vote on sessions to determine "best session"
  • Sessions are announced 30 and 10 minutes before they are scheduled via Facebook/Twitter/etc
  • Session details page show video and slides displayed in a synchronized fashion.


URL structure suggestions (just a thought, feel free to suggest better approaches).

Assume base url "Main" builderscon site.

name url pattern notes
main page / latest conferences, links to videos, etc

Assume base url Conferences show up under this host

name url pattern notes
conference page /tokyo redirects to "latest" conference
per-instance page /tokyo/2017 "2017" can be "2017-summer" or other subtitles
latest news /tokyo/2017/news
schedule/calendar /tokyo/2017/schedule
session details /tokyo/2017/session/[id]
speaker details /speaker/[id] use user.speaker_bio
user details /user/[id] user can be an attendee, speaker, organizer, etc

Admin site URL should be different, so let's assume base url

name url pattern notes
main page /dashboard
register organizer /organizer/register
register conference /conference/create
TODO (Add more)


Name Description
octav API Server written in Go.
adminweb Web UI for conference admins. See here for architecture in GKE
slackgw Slack related stuff, including bots. See here for architecture in GKE