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Building Beautiful UIs

This is initial draft content for my forthcoming ‘course in a book’, ‘Building Beautiful UIs’, which I’m writing for the Adobe XD team. Feel free to share this content, but bear in mind it’s a work in progress and I’m sharing it in draft form.

‘Building Beautiful UIs’ isn’t just a book, it’s a course in book that’s accompanied by a wealth of digital extras. When the book’s published we’ll be including:

  • 30+ XD files;
  • A set of printable cheat sheets; and
  • A series of templates that you can use freely.

The content is drawn from my 25+ years working as a designer and 15+ years working as an educator. In short: It’s all tried and tested.

My studiomates at Little Thunder designed a temporary website for the ‘in progress’ version of the book so that you can read it as I write it.

I’m delighted with the new website. As usual, the Little Thunder team – and particularly their (paid!) intern, Dan Gold – have knocked it out of the park. If you’re looking for partners on a digital product or user experience project, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

You might like to follow me on Twitter for updates on this book and other projects I’m working on.


—Christopher Murphy

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