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A shell script for a clean and simple front-end web development environment on macOS.

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando is a a Japanese self-taught architect whose style emphasizing nothingness and empty space to represent the beauty of simplicity.

This script was inspired by his philosophy.

Ando is meant to run multiple times on the same machine. It installs, upgrades, or skips depending on what is already installed.



git clone && cd ando

Review: (please don't run scripts you don't understand):

less blueprints


sh goAndo

Or Run with log:

sh goAndo 2>&1 | tee ~/ando.log

Your last sh goAndo run will be saved to ~/ando.log. To review it, run less ~/ando.log.

Check and debug the log:

less ~/ando.log

Warning: I advise against running this script unless you understand what it’s doing to your computer.

It is highly recommended to run the script regularly to keep your computer up to date.

What it sets up

The setup process will install:

Basic Tools
Homebrew: Brews
  • Git for version control.
  • Tig is a text interface for Git repositories.
  • Mas is a Mac App Store command line interface.
  • wget is an internet file retriever.
  • Hub adds GitHub support to git on the command-line.
  • ImageOptim-CLI to make batch optimisation of images part of your automated build process.
  • Rbenv for managing versions of Ruby.
  • Yarn for managing JavaScript packages.
  • ZSH is a UNIX shell (command interpreter).
  • ZSH Syntax Highlighting Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh.
  • TheFuck helps programatically correct mistyped console commands.
  • WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installations and much more, without using a web browser.
Homebrew: Casks
App Store Apps
NPM Packages
  • 11ty is a simpler static site generator.
  • ESLint linting utility for JavaScript.
  • Gatsby a static site generator built with React.
  • Gridsome a static site generator built with Vue.
  • Gulp a task/build runner for development.
  • ImageOptim-CLI to make batch optimisation of images part of your automated build process.
  • Netlify lets you deploy sites or configure continuous deployment straight from the command line.
  • MAMP-CLI a command line interface for working with MAMP. It can start and stop your MAMP, but also easily switch the document root so that you can switch projects easily by using a favorite list.
  • Pa11y a command-line interface which loads web pages and highlights any accessibility issues it finds. Useful for when you want to run a one-off test against a web page.
  • VSCE - The Visual Studio Code Extension Manager.
  • Vue-CLI for quickly scaffolding Single Page Applications.
  • yo CLI tool for running Yeoman generators.
ZSH Settings (Prompted): For Initial Setup Only
Dotfiles (Prompted)
  • .zshrc for customizing your Oh-My-ZSH! settings.
  • .hyper.js for customizing your Hyper terminal. This is where the fonts color themes are held. Current theme is New Moon.
  • .p10k.zsh for customizing your Powerlevel10K ZSH theme. This is where the terminal theme is held. Like the arrows and git icons.

See materials for the full list of apps that will be installed. Adjust it to your personal taste.

It should take less than 20 minutes to install (depends on your machine).


Open VS Code and install the Settings Sync extension.

In the extension settings under Configuration click the Login With Github button and follow instructions to connect.

If Needed: Go to and look for a gist called "Cloud Settings". Copy the ID in the URL to paste into "Gist ID".

This should sync all of your VSCode settings, extensions and preferences.

Open command palette and run Sync: Download Settings.

Known Issues

If you are doing a completely fresh install and have not installed Xcode already, it will prompt you to do so and possibly say that Ando has failed. Install Xcode and run the script again.

Cask does not recognize applications installed outside of Homebrew Cask – in the case that the script fails, you can either remove the application from the install list or uninstall the application causing the failure and try again.


Code was inspired, copied and modified from: Mina Markham's formation

📜 License

Ando is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.


Ando is a shell script to set up a macOS laptop for clean and simple front-end web development environment.







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