Ashley Bell


Back in 2014, Tiffani Ashley Bell read about Detroit shutting off the water supply for thousands of residents who were behind on their bills. Inspired to do something, she found access to the delinquent accounts—and wondered if she could help pay them off. Along with Kristy Tillman (now at Slack), Tiffani built a website to connect donors with those in need. Since then, The Human Utility has helped nearly 1,000 families and is one of the few non-profits backed by Y Combinator.

Tiffani was a 2017 Technology and Democracy Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a 2014 Code for America Fellow. She is also the former CEO and Founder of Pencil You In, using code to help businesses easily accept appointments online. Tiffani is a developer working primarily with Ruby on Rails and iOS. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Computer Science from Howard University in 2008.

In her free time, Tiffani hoards books and seeks the perfect 300 game in bowling.

Twitter: @tiffani & @humanutility