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Slide List not scoped correctly #17

evanblack opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Because the variable vars.slide_list is never defined, the scope doesn't exist and the plugin grabs every li element on the page.

Slide list should be declared under the variables:

$.supersized.vars = {

    // Elements
    slide_list          :   '#slide-list'


Same issue here with v3.2.1, I had to set slide_links option to false.
Line 246: $('li', vars.slide_list).click(function(){ ... }
kills all my [li][a href] links


in jQuery documentation [], context should be a DOM element or jQuery object, not a CSS selector

Build Internet member

Thanks for pointing this out guys - this should be resolved in 3.2.3 which i just pushed through

@samdunn samdunn closed this
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