A jQuery plugin that makes vertical tickers easy.
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Totem Ticker jQuery Plugin

Totem is a jQuery plugin that turns lists into animated vertical tickers. It supports navigation and basic animation control.

Getting Started

A sample ticker might look something like this.

row_height  :   '100px',
next        :   '#ticker-next',
previous    :   '#ticker-previous',
stop        :   '#stop',
start       :   '#start',


The following options are available via the plugin array. Defaults are listed below.

next        :   null,       /* ID of next button or link */
previous    :   null,       /* ID of previous button or link */
stop        :   null,       /* ID of stop button or link */
start       :   null,       /* ID of start button or link */
row_height  :   '100px',    /* Height of each ticker row in PX. Should be uniform. */
speed       :   800,        /* Speed of transition animation in milliseconds */
interval    :   4000,       /* Time between change in milliseconds */
max_items   :   null,       /* Integer for how many items to display at once. Resizes height accordingly (OPTIONAL) */
stopmouse   :   false,      /* If set to true, the ticker will stop while mouse is hovered over it */