Rigger plugin to support the //=require instruction [deprecated - use rigger-browserify]
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The rigger-require plugin allows you to compile in compatible node modules into your rigger based compilation process.


This package has been deprecated as the we have all gotten a lot better at segmenting our packages into smaller component files. This in turn makes rigger-require pretty useless. If you are still using rigger then it's likely the rigger-browserify will be much more useful to you.

Example Usage

Consider the following .js file:

//=require async

async.parallel(tasks, function(err) {
    console.log('tasks completed successfully'); 

When built using rigger (with the rigger-require plugin available in the project directory), async would be successfully imported into your source code.

Under the hood module-deps is used to resolve external dependencies that are required within a project. For instance:

//=require gedi

// Gedi, Gel and Lang are now all in scope after building

At this stage, only files using a UMD compatible header can be used as rigger-require does not shim in a require function.

If you are looking for this kind of functionality, then you should have a look at using either browserify or component.


To use rigger-require in your project, include it within your devDependencies section of your project package.json file in addition to the node modules that you wish to use in your project.