An example Node.js Buildkite webhook endpoint for creating a LIFX-powered build light
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LIFX Buildkite Build Light (Node.js)

An example Node.js Buildkite webhook endpoint for creating a LIFX powered build light.


LIFX panda build light in action


  1. Deploy it to Heroku

  2. Find the secret: In your new Heroku app go to Settings → Config Variables → Reveal Config Variables, and copy the WEBHOOK_TOKEN variable value.

  3. Set up the webhook: In Buildkite go to Settings → Notifications → Webhooks and add a new webhook pointing to your new Heroku app (don’t forget to choose the project and branch name). The token should be the one generated by Heroku, which you can find in your Heroku project’s environment variables.

  4. Trigger a build! 🎉


One bulb per project? One bulb per build pipeline step? A LIFX chandelier that twinkles rainbows after each deploy? The possibilities are endless!

Check out to see what’s possible with the API, then fork this project, and get hacking.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).