An example Webtask webhook endpoint for creating a LIFX-powered build light with Buildkite
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LIFX Buildkite Build Light (Webtask)

An example Webtask webhook endpoint for creating a LIFX powered Buildkite build light.

Create a webhook endpoint in one line using webtask-cli:

Screenshot of creating a webtask

Add a new webhook to your Buildkite organization with the webtask URL:

Screenshot of adding it to Buildite


LIFX panda build light in action

Step by step

1. Install the webtask-cli

npm install -h webtask-cli
wt init

2. Create the webtask

wt create \
  --param  LIFX_BULB_SELECTOR="all"
  • LIFX_ACCESS_TOKEN is a LIFX API token you generate from
  • LIFX_BULB_SELECTOR is LIFX API build selector to choose which bulbs to turn on (see LIFX developer docs for examples). The default is all.
  • WEBHOOK_TOKEN is optional, and can be provided to verify the webhook came from Buildkite.

Copy the URL, and then start streaming your webtask’s logs:

wt logs

3. Setup the webhook notification

Create a new webhook notification in Buildkite and paste in your webtask's URL: Organization SettingsNotificationsWebhooksAdd

Make sure to enable all the build scopes, as well as the ping (so you can see a ping notification in your wt logs straight after saving your webhook).

All that's left is to trigger a build! 🎉

4. Debugging

You can use the request logs on the bottom of the Buildkite webhook settings page to see the request to and response from your webtask, and you can use wt logs to see the logs from your webtask container.


One bulb per project? One bulb per build pipeline step? A LIFX chandelier that twinkles rainbows after each deploy? The possibilities are endless!

Check out to see what’s possible with the API, then fork this project, and get hacking.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).