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Developing buildout itself
When you're developing buildout itself, you need to know two things:
- Use a clean python *without* setuptools installed. Otherwise many tests
will find your already-installed setuptools, leading to test differences
when setuptools' presence is explicitly tested.
- Also the presence of ``~/.buildout/default.cfg`` may interfere with the
tests so you may want to temporarily rename it so that it does not get in
the way.
- Don't bootstrap with ``python bootstrap/`` but with ``python``.
- Run buildout with -U, to ignore user (default) settings which can interfere
with using the development version
For your convenience we provide a Makefile to build various Python versions
in subdirectories of the buildout checkout. To use these and run the tests
with them do::
make PYTHON_VER=2.7 build
make PYTHON_VER=2.7 test
make PYTHON_VER=3.4 build
make PYTHON_VER=3.4 test
The actual Python compilation is only done once and then re-used. So on
subsequent builds, only the development buildout itself needs to be redone.
Releases: zc.buildout, zc.recipe.egg and
Buildout consists of two python packages that are released separately:
zc.buildout and zc.recipe.egg. zc.recipe.egg is changed much less often than
zc.buildout's and changelog is in the same directory as this
``DEVELOPERS.txt`` and the code is in ``src/zc/buildout``.
zc.recipe.egg, including and a separate changelog, is in the
``zc.recipe.egg_`` subdirectory.
A third item is the file in ``bootstrap/``. The
canonical location is at,
(though it is unfortunate that it isn't named just ````). This
file is pulled automatically every 15 minutes from the bootstrap-release
branch. When a new buildout release is made, **the releaser** should update
the bootstrap-release branch, too.
The location doesn't need to be
updated manually: it is a redirect now, to .
If there are changes to, be sure to update the date in the
``__version__`` attribute and to record the bootstrap change (including the
new date/version) in zc.buildout's changelog.
When releasing, make sure you also build a (universal) wheel in addition to
the regular .tar.gz::
$ python sdist bdist_wheel upload
You can also use zest.releaser to release it. If you've installed it as
``zest.releaser[recommended]`` it builds the wheel for you and uploads it via
https (via twine).