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"""Generate and work with PEP 425 Compatibility Tags."""
import sys
import warnings
import sysconfig
except ImportError: # pragma nocover
# Python < 2.7
import distutils.sysconfig as sysconfig
import distutils.util
def get_config_var(var):
return sysconfig.get_config_var(var)
except IOError as e: # pip Issue #1074
warnings.warn("{0}".format(e), RuntimeWarning)
return None
def get_abbr_impl():
"""Return abbreviated implementation name."""
if hasattr(sys, 'pypy_version_info'):
pyimpl = 'pp'
elif sys.platform.startswith('java'):
pyimpl = 'jy'
elif sys.platform == 'cli':
pyimpl = 'ip'
pyimpl = 'cp'
return pyimpl
def get_impl_ver():
"""Return implementation version."""
impl_ver = get_config_var("py_version_nodot")
if not impl_ver or get_abbr_impl() == 'pp':
impl_ver = ''.join(map(str, get_impl_version_info()))
return impl_ver
def get_impl_version_info():
"""Return sys.version_info-like tuple for use in decrementing the minor
if get_abbr_impl() == 'pp':
# as per
return (sys.version_info[0], sys.pypy_version_info.major,
return sys.version_info[0], sys.version_info[1]
def get_flag(var, fallback, expected=True, warn=True):
"""Use a fallback method for determining SOABI flags if the needed config
var is unset or unavailable."""
val = get_config_var(var)
if val is None:
if warn:
warnings.warn("Config variable '{0}' is unset, Python ABI tag may "
"be incorrect".format(var), RuntimeWarning, 2)
return fallback()
return val == expected
def get_abi_tag():
"""Return the ABI tag based on SOABI (if available) or emulate SOABI
(CPython 2, PyPy)."""
soabi = get_config_var('SOABI')
impl = get_abbr_impl()
if not soabi and impl in ('cp', 'pp') and hasattr(sys, 'maxunicode'):
d = ''
m = ''
u = ''
if get_flag('Py_DEBUG',
lambda: hasattr(sys, 'gettotalrefcount'),
warn=(impl == 'cp')):
d = 'd'
if get_flag('WITH_PYMALLOC',
lambda: impl == 'cp',
warn=(impl == 'cp')):
m = 'm'
if get_flag('Py_UNICODE_SIZE',
lambda: sys.maxunicode == 0x10ffff,
warn=(impl == 'cp' and
sys.version_info < (3, 3))) \
and sys.version_info < (3, 3):
u = 'u'
abi = '%s%s%s%s%s' % (impl, get_impl_ver(), d, m, u)
elif soabi and soabi.startswith('cpython-'):
abi = 'cp' + soabi.split('-')[1]
elif soabi:
abi = soabi.replace('.', '_').replace('-', '_')
abi = None
return abi
def get_platform():
"""Return our platform name 'win32', 'linux_x86_64'"""
# XXX remove distutils dependency
result = distutils.util.get_platform().replace('.', '_').replace('-', '_')
if result == "linux_x86_64" and sys.maxsize == 2147483647:
# pip pull request #3497
result = "linux_i686"
return result
def get_supported(versions=None, supplied_platform=None):
"""Return a list of supported tags for each version specified in
:param versions: a list of string versions, of the form ["33", "32"],
or None. The first version will be assumed to support our ABI.
supported = []
# Versions must be given with respect to the preference
if versions is None:
versions = []
version_info = get_impl_version_info()
major = version_info[:-1]
# Support all previous minor Python versions.
for minor in range(version_info[-1], -1, -1):
versions.append(''.join(map(str, major + (minor,))))
impl = get_abbr_impl()
abis = []
abi = get_abi_tag()
if abi:
abis[0:0] = [abi]
abi3s = set()
import imp
for suffix in imp.get_suffixes():
if suffix[0].startswith('.abi'):
abi3s.add(suffix[0].split('.', 2)[1])
platforms = []
if supplied_platform:
# Current version, current API (built specifically for our Python):
for abi in abis:
for arch in platforms:
supported.append(('%s%s' % (impl, versions[0]), abi, arch))
# No abi / arch, but requires our implementation:
for i, version in enumerate(versions):
supported.append(('%s%s' % (impl, version), 'none', 'any'))
if i == 0:
# Tagged specifically as being cross-version compatible
# (with just the major version specified)
supported.append(('%s%s' % (impl, versions[0][0]), 'none', 'any'))
# Major Python version + platform; e.g. binaries not using the Python API
supported.append(('py%s' % (versions[0][0]), 'none', arch))
# No abi / arch, generic Python
for i, version in enumerate(versions):
supported.append(('py%s' % (version,), 'none', 'any'))
if i == 0:
supported.append(('py%s' % (version[0]), 'none', 'any'))
return supported
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