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@buildpack-bot buildpack-bot released this Jul 3, 2019

lifecycle v0.3.0

This is the third beta release of the Cloud Native Buildpack Lifecycle. This implementation should be relatively stable and reliable, but breaking changes in the underlying specification may be implemented without notice.


The lifecycle runs as a normal user in a series of unprivileged Linux containers. To export images and cache image layers, it requires access to a Docker daemon or Docker registry.


Extract the .tgz file and copy the lifecycle binaries into a build stack base image. The build image can then be orchestrated by a platform implementation such as the pack CLI or knative.


  • Add support for exporting an image to multiple repositories or tags on the same registry (#140).
  • Analyzer now permits skipping launch layer metadata restoration with -skip-layers flag.
  • Avoid race conditions when previous image changes during the build (#20).
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