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Where Developers Connect

  • Assemblies is an open-source mobile app built with React Native which developers can use to connect through 'assemblies' in their area.
  • The app is the basis for a tutorial on React Native at www.buildreactnative.com though the actual app will contain features not covered in the tutorial.



  • Currently, the app has room for a lot of improvements. We would like to add comprehensive testing, a Flux architecture (preferably Redux), and some more nuanced database querying. Feel free to post feature requests and bugs in the issues section. Pull requests are welcome but should be clear and easy-to-follow.

Running locally

  • Here are the steps to running the app locally on your machine.
    • Make sure you're running, at least, node version 4.0.0 - you can check your node version by running node -v in your terminal
    • git clone https://github.com/buildreactnative/assemblies
    • cd assemblies
    • npm install
    • open ios/assembly.xcworkspace
    • Install react-native-cli npm install -g react-native-cli. Its recommended to be installed globally.
    • choose which simulator you would like to use and hit the run button in Xcode

Things to test and improve

  • user account creation
  • user login / logout
  • navigation between different tabs
  • creating a group
  • creating an event
  • finding available events
  • messaging other users