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= Rake Changelog
== Master (for 0.9.3)
* The rake test loader now removes arguments it has processed. Issue #51
* Rake::TaskArguments now responds to #values_at
* RakeFileUtils.verbose_flag = nil silences output the same as 0.8.7
* Rake tests are now directory-independent
* Rake tests are no longer require flexmock
* Commands constant is no longer polluting top level namespace.
* Show only the interesting portion of the backtrace by default (James M. Lawrence).
* Added --reduce-compat optiont to remove backward compatible DSL hacks (James M. Lawrence).
== Version 0.9.2
* Unknown
== Version 0.9.1
* Added deprecation warnings to the Rake DSL methods.
== Version 0.9.0
* *Incompatible* *change*: Rake DSL commands ('task', 'file', etc.) are
no longer private methods in Object. If you need to call 'task :xzy' inside
your class, include Rake::DSL into the class. The DSL is still available at
the top level scope (via the top level object which extends Rake::DSL).
* Rake now warns when the deprecated :needs syntax used.
* Rake history is now UTF-8 encoded.
* Rake now uses case-insensitive comparisons to find the Rakefile on Windows.
Based on patch by Roger Pack.
* Rake now requires (instead of loads) files in the test task. Patch by Cezary
* Fixed typos. Patches by Sean Scot August Moon and R.T. Lechow.
* Rake now prints the Rakefile directory only when it's different from the
current directory. Patch by Alex Chaffee.
* Improved rakefile_location discovery on Windows. Patch by James Tucker.
* Rake now recognizes "Windows Server" as a windows system. Patch by Matthias
* Rake::RDocTask is deprecated. Use RDoc::Task from RDoc 2.4.2+ (require
* Rake::GemPackageTask is deprecated. Use Gem::PackageTask (require
* Rake now outputs various messages to $stderr instead of $stdout.
* Rake no longer emits warnings for Config. Patch by Santiago Pastorino.
* Split rake.rb into individual files.
* Support for the --where (-W) flag for showing where a task is defined.
* Fixed quoting in test task.
* Fixed the silent option parsing problem.
* Fixed :verbose=>false flag on sh and ruby commands.
* Rake command line options may be given by default in a RAKEOPT
environment variable.
* Errors in Rake will now display the task invocation chain in effect
at the time of the error.
* Accepted change by warnickr to not expand test patterns in shell
(allowing more files in the test suite).
* Fixed that file tasks did not perform prereq lookups in scope
(Redmine #57).
== Version 0.8.7
* Fixed EXEEXT for JRuby on windows.
== Version 0.8.6
* Minor fixes to the RDoc generation (removed dependency on darkfish
and removed inline source option).
== PreVersion 0.8.6
* Now allow # comments to comment a task definition.
== Version 0.8.5
* Better support for the system command on Windows.
== Version 0.8.4
* Preserve case when locating rakefiles (patch from James
M. Lawrence/quix)
* Better support for windows paths in the test task (patch from Simon
* Windows system dir search order is now: HOME, HOMEDRIVE + HOMEPATH,
APPDATA, USERPROFILE (patch from Luis Lavena)
* MingGW is now recognized as a windows platform. (patch from Luis
* Numerous fixes to the windows test suite (patch from Luis Lavena).
* Improved Rakefile case insensitivity testing (patch from Luis
* Fixed stray ARGV option problem that was interfering with
* Fixed default verbose mode (was accidently changed to false).
* Removed reference to manage_gem to fix the warning produced by the
gem package task.
== Version 0.8.3
* Enhanced the system directory detection in windows. We now check
supplied by James Tucker). Rake no long aborts if it can't find the
* Added fix to handle ruby installations in directories with spaces in
their name.
== Version 0.8.2
* Fixed bug in package task so that it will include the subdir
directory in the package for testing. (Bug found by Adam Majer)
* Added ENV var to rakefile to prevent OS X from including extended
attribute junk in a tar file. (Bug found by Adam Majer)
* Fixed filename dependency order bug in test_inspect_pending and
test_to_s_pending. (Bug found by Adam Majer)
* Fixed check for file utils options to make them immune to the
symbol/string differences. (Patch supplied by Edwin Pratomo)
* Fixed bug with rules involving multiple source (Patch supplied by
Emanuel Indermühle)
* Switched from getoptlong to optparse (patches supplied by Edwin
* The -T option will now attempt to dynamically sense the size of the
terminal. RAKE_COLUMNS will override any dynamic sensing.
* FileList#clone and FileList#dup have better sematics w.r.t. taint
and freeze.
* Added ability clear prerequisites, and/or actions from an existing
* Added the ability to reenable a task to be invoked a second time.
* Changed RDoc test task to have no default template. This makes it
easier for the tempate to pick up the template from the environment.
* Changed from using Mutex to Monitor. Evidently Mutex causes thread
join errors when Ruby is compiled with -disable-pthreads. (Patch
supplied by Ittay Dror)
* Fixed bug in makefile parser that had problems with extra spaces in
file task names. (Patch supplied by Ittay Dror)
* Added a performance patch for reading large makefile dependency
files. (Patch supplied by Ittay Dror)
* Default values for task arguments can easily be specified with the
:with_defaults method. (Idea for default argument merging supplied
by (Adam Q. Salter)
* The -T output will only self-truncate if the output is a tty.
However, if RAKE_COLUMNS is explicitly set, it will be honored in
any case. (Patch provided by Gavin Stark).
* Numerous fixes for running under windows. A big thanks to Bheeshmar
Redheendran for spending a good part of the afternoon at the
Lonestar Ruby Conference to help me work out these issues.
== Version 0.8.1
* Removed requires on parsedate.rb (in Ftptools)
* Removed ftools from rake.rb. Made it options in sys.rb
== Version 0.8.0
* Added task parameters (e.g. "rake build[version7]")
* Made task parameters passable to prerequisites.
* Comments are limited to 80 columns or so (suggested by Jamis Buck).
* Added -D to display full comments (suggested by Jamis Buck).
* The rake program will set the status value used in any explicit
exit(n) calls. (patch provided by Stephen Touset)
* Fixed error in functional tests that were not including session (and
silently skipping the functionl tests.
* Removed --usage and make -h the same as -H.
* Make a prettier inspect for tasks.
== Version 0.7.3
* Added existing and existing! methods to FileList
* FileLists now claim to be Arrays (via is_a?) to get better support
from the FileUtil module.
* Added init and top_level for custom rake applications.
== Version 0.7.2
* Error messages are now send to stderr rather than stdout (from
Payton Quackenbush).
* Better error handling on invalid command line arguments (from Payton
* Added rcov task and updated unit testing for better code coverage.
* Fixed some bugs where the application object was going to the global
appliation instead of using its own data.
* Added square and curly bracket patterns to FileList#include (Tilman
* Added plain filename support to rule dependents (suggested by Nobu
* Added pathmap support to rule dependents.
* Added a 'tasks' method to a namespace to get a list of tasks
associated with the namespace.
* Fixed the method name leak from FileUtils (bug found by Glenn
* Added rake_extension to handle detection of extension collisions.
* Added test for noop, bad_option and verbose flags to sh command.
* Removed dependency on internal fu_xxx functions from FileUtils.
* Added a 'shame' task to the Rakefile.
* Added tar_command and zip_command options to the Package task.
* Added a description to the gem task in GemPackageTask.
* Fixed a bug when rules have multiple prerequisites (patch by Joel
* Added a protected 'require "rubygems"' to test/test_application to
unbreak cruisecontrol.rb.
* Added the handful of RakeFileUtils to the private method as well.
* Added block based exclusion.
* The clean task will no longer delete 'core' if it is a directory.
* Removed rake_dup. Now we just simply rescue a bad dup.
* Refactored the FileList reject logic to remove duplication.
* Removed if __FILE__ at the end of the rake.rb file.
== Version 0.7.1
* Added optional filter parameter to the --tasks command line option.
* Added flatten to allow rule transform procs to return lists of
prereqs (Joel VanderWerf provided patch).
* Added pathmap to String and FileList.
* The -r option will now load .rake files (but a straight require
doesn't yet). NOTE: This is experimental ... it may be
* The -f option without a value will disable the search for a
Rakefile. The assumption is that the -r files are adequate.
* Fixed the safe_ln function to fall back to cp in more error
== Version 0.7.0
* Added Rake.original_dir to return the original starting directory of
the rake application.
* Added safe_ln support for openAFS (from Ludvig Omholt).
* Added --trace reminder on short exception messages (David Heinemeier
Hansson suggestion).
* Added multitask declaration that executes prerequisites in
parallel. (Doug Young providied an initial implementation).
* Fixed missing_const hack to be compatible with Rails. (Jamis Buck
supplied test case).
* Made the RDoc task default to internal (in-process) RDoc formatting.
The old behavior is still available by setting the +external+ flag
to true.
* Rakefiles are now loaded with the expanded path to prevent
accidental polution from the Ruby load path.
* The +namespace+ command now returns a NameSpace object that can be
used to lookup tasks defined in that namespace. This allows for
better anonymous namespace behavior.
* Task objects my now be used in prerequisite lists directly.
== Version 0.6.1
* Rebuilt 0.6.0 gem without signing.
== Version 0.6.0
* Fixed file creation bug in the unit tests (caused infinite loop on
* Fixed bug where session based functional tests were run under
* Fixed bug in directory tasks so that updating a directory will not
retrigger file tasks depending on the directory (see
FileCreationTask and EarlyTime).
* Added egrep to FileList
* ruby command now runs same ruby version as rake.
* Added investigation to task object. (suggested by Martin Fowler)
* Added ruby_opts to the test task to allow arbitrary ruby options to
be passed to the test script. (Greg Fast)
* Fixed the test loader to ignore options. (Greg Fast)
* Moved Task, FileTask, FileCreationTask and RakeApp into the Rake
module namespace. Old style namespace behavior can be invoked via
the --classic-namespace option. (requested by Kelly Felkins).
* GemTask is now sensitive to the gem platform (Masao Mutoh).
* A non-existing file prerequisite will no longer cause an exception
(Philipp Neubeck).
* Multiple prerequisites on Rake rules now allowed (initial patch
supplied by Stuart Jansen).
== Version 0.5.4
* Added double quotes to the test runner.
* Added .svn to default ignore list.
* Updated FileList#include to support nested arrays and filelists.
== Version 0.5.3
* Added support for importing Rakefile and other dependencies.
* Fixed bug so that now rules can chain off of existing tasks as well
as existing files.
* Fixed verbose flag bug in the testing task. Shortened some failure
* Make FileUtils methods private at the top level module to avoid
accidental method leaking into other objects.
* Added test loader option to test task. "testrb" is no longer the
default test loader. It is now eating syntax errors that should
halt the unit tests.
* Revamped FileList so that it works more like and array (addressed
flatten bug). Added many tests around file list.
* Added +ext+ method to both String and FileList.
== Version 0.5.0
* Fixed documentation that was lacking the Rake module name (Tilman
* Added tar.gz and tar.bz2 support to package task (Tilman Sauerbeck).
* Recursive rules are now supported (Tilman Sauerbeck).
* Added warning option for the Test Task (requested by Eric Hodel).
* The jamis rdoc template is only used if it exists.
* Added fix for Ruby 1.8.2 test/unit and rails problem.
* Added contributed rake man file (Jani Monoses).
* Added Brian Candler's fix for problems in --trace and --dry-run
== Version 0.4.15
* Fixed a bug that prevented the TESTOPTS flag from working with the
revised for 1.8.2 test task.
* Updated the docs on --trace to indicate that it also enables a full
backtrace on errors.
== Version 0.4.14
* Modified the TestTask to workaround the Ruby 1.8.2 change in
autoexecuting unit tests.
== Version 0.4.13
* Fixed the dry-run flag so it is operating again.
* Multiple arguments to sh and ruby commands will not be interpreted
by the shell (patch provided by Jonathan Paisley).
== Version 0.4.12
* Added --silent (-s) to suppress the (in directory) rake message.
== Version 0.4.11
* Changed the "don't know how to rake" message (finally)
* Changes references to a literal "Rakefile" to reference the global
variable $rakefile (which contains the actual name of the rakefile).
== Version 0.4.10
* Added block support to the "sh" command, allowing users to take
special actions on the result of the system call. E.g.
sh "shell_command" do |ok, res|
puts "Program returned #{res.exitstatus}" if ! ok
== Version 0.4.9
* Switched to Jamis Buck's RDoc template.
* Removed autorequire from Rake's gem spec. This prevents the Rake
libraries from loading while using rails.
== Version 0.4.8
* Added support for .rb versions of Rakefile.
* Removed \\\n's from test task.
* Fixed Ruby 1.9 compatibility issue with FileList.
== Version 0.4.7
* Fixed problem in FileList that caused Ruby 1.9 to go into infinite
recursion. Since to_a was removed from Object, it does not need to
added back into the list of methods to rewrite in FileList. (Thanks
to Kent Sibilev for pointing this out).
== Version 0.4.6
* Removed test version of ln in FileUtils that prevented safe_ln from
using ln.
== Version 0.4.5
* Upgraded comments in TestTask.
* FileList to_s and inspect now automatically resolve pending changes.
* FileList#exclude properly returns the FileList.
== Version 0.4.4
* Fixed initialization problem with @comment.
* Now using multi -r technique in TestTask. Switch Rakefile back to
using the built-in test task macros because the rake runtime is no
longer needed.
* Added 'TEST=filename' and 'TESTOPTS=options' to the Test Task
* Allow a +test_files+ attribute in test tasks. This allows more
flexibility in specifying test files.
== Version 0.4.3
* Fixed Comment leakage.
== Version 0.4.2
* Added safe_ln that falls back to a copy if a file link is not supported.
* Package builder now uses safe_ln.
== Version 0.4.1
* Task comments are now additive, combined with "/".
* Works with (soon to be released) rubygems 0.6.2 (or 0.7.0)
== Version 0.4.0
* FileList now uses deferred loading. The file system is not searched
until the first call that needs the file names.
* VAR=VALUE options are now accepted on the command line and are
treated like environment variables. The values may be tested in a
Rakefile by referencing ENV['VAR'].
* File.mtime is now used (instead of
== Version 0.3.2.x
* Removed some hidden dependencies on rubygems. Tests now will test
gems only if they are installed.
* Removed Sys from some example files. I believe that is that last
reference to Sys outside of the contrib area.
* Updated all copyright notices to include 2004.
== Version 0.3.2
* GEM Installation now works with the application stub.
== Version 0.3.1
* FileLists now automatically ignore CVS, .bak, !
* GEM Installation now works.
== Version 0.3.0
Promoted 0.2.10.
== Version 0.2.10
* Added title to Rake's rdocs
* Contrib packages are no longer included in the documentation.
RDoc Issues
* Removed default for the '--main' option
* Fixed rendering of the rdoc options
* Fixed clean/clobber confusion with rerdoc
* 'title' attribute added
Package Task Library Issues
* Version (or explicit :noversion) is required.
* +package_file+ attribute is now writable
FileList Issues
* Dropped bang version of exclude. Now using ant-like include/exclude semantics.
* Enabled the "yield self" idiom in FileList#initialize.
== Version 0.2.9
This version contains numerous changes as the
presentation was being prepared. The changes include:
* The monolithic rubyapp task library is in the process of being
dropped in favor of lighter weight task libraries.
== Version 0.2.7
* Added "desc" for task descriptions.
* -T will now display tasks with descriptions.
* -P will display tasks and prerequisites.
* Dropped the Sys module in favor of the 1.8.x FileUtils module. Sys
is still supported in the contrib area.
== Version 0.2.6
* Moved to RubyForge
== Version 0.2.5
* Switched to standard ruby app builder.
* Added no_match option to file matcher.
== Version 0.2.4
* Fixed indir, which neglected to actually change directories.
== Version 0.2.3
* Added rake module for a help target
* Added 'for_files' to Sys
* Added a $rakefile constant
* Added test for selecting proper rule with multiple targets.