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Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note that this is not the official repository, but only a mirror. The official Git repository is at Do not open issues or file pull requests here.
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fabioestevam and yann-morin-1998 board/freescale: increase the vfat size
The default iamge size is 32MiB, which is quite low by today's standards.
Besides, the AArch64 kernels are relatively big, which leaves not much
room, if at all, for users to experiment on the default image.

Increase the vfat size to a more reasonable 64MiB.

Note that users who derive an in-tree defconfig for their own case will
allways hit any arbitarary size we put here, so they will anyway have to
also derive this template for their own use-cases.

Signed-off-by: Fabio Estevam <>
Signed-off-by: Yann E. MORIN <>
Latest commit 7d804ab May 26, 2020


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arch arch/arc: explicitly set "max-page-size" for GNU LD Dec 25, 2019
board board/freescale: increase the vfat size May 26, 2020
boot boot/optee-os: replace pycrypto by pycryptodomex May 21, 2020
configs configs/raspberrypi{3, 4}_64: enabling BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_DTB_OVERLAY_S… May 16, 2020
docs docs/website/sponsors.html: show 2020 sponsors May 26, 2020
fs fs/cpio: make initramfs init script survive 'console=' kernel argument Apr 25, 2020
linux {linux, linux-headers}: bump 4.{4, 9, 14, 19}.x / 5.{4, 6}.x series May 26, 2020
package package/uboot-tools: tools/env/fw_env.h: remove env.h May 26, 2020
support support/gnuconfig: reference the correct sha1 we're using May 9, 2020
system package/systemd: make sure init choice and package have same dependen… Apr 5, 2020
toolchain toolchain/toolchain-external: install ldd on the target Apr 27, 2020
utils utils/scancpan: use two spaces indentation in hash file Mar 15, 2020
.defconfig arch: remove support for sh64 Sep 8, 2016
.flake8 .flake8: fix check for 80/132 columns Apr 10, 2019
.gitignore update gitignore May 4, 2013
.gitlab-ci.yml configs/zynq_qmtech: new defconfig Apr 19, 2020*: enable Qemu gitlab testing Apr 13, 2020
CHANGES Update for 2020.05-rc2 May 22, 2020
COPYING COPYING: add exception about patch licensing Feb 26, 2016 drop BR2_NEEDS_HOST_{JAVAC,JAR} Mar 3, 2020 package/wiringpi: remove May 25, 2020
DEVELOPERS package/wiringpi: remove May 25, 2020
Makefile Update for 2020.05-rc2 May 22, 2020
Makefile.legacy Remove BR2_DEPRECATED Oct 15, 2016
README README: add reference to submitting-patches Feb 1, 2016


Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded
Linux systems through cross-compilation.

The documentation can be found in docs/manual. You can generate a text
document with 'make manual-text' and read output/docs/manual/manual.text.
Online documentation can be found at

To build and use the buildroot stuff, do the following:

1) run 'make menuconfig'
2) select the target architecture and the packages you wish to compile
3) run 'make'
4) wait while it compiles
5) find the kernel, bootloader, root filesystem, etc. in output/images

You do not need to be root to build or run buildroot.  Have fun!

Buildroot comes with a basic configuration for a number of boards. Run
'make list-defconfigs' to view the list of provided configurations.

Please feed suggestions, bug reports, insults, and bribes back to the
buildroot mailing list:
You can also find us on #buildroot on Freenode IRC.

If you would like to contribute patches, please read
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