Running service on Heroku

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Initialise webservice

heroku login
heroku create

View current apps

heroku apps

View logs

heroku logs --app=APP_NAME

Set env vars (Visit the website to create an account)


Enable and configure Heroku add-ons:

Enable :

heroku addons:create rabbitmq-bigwig:pipkin --app=APP_NAME
heroku addons:create newrelic:wayne --app=APP_NAME
heroku addons:add papertrail --app=APP_NAME

Set env vars:

  • RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_URL : 'amqp://user:password@hostname' (set when installing cloudamqp instance)
  • BTT_AMQP_URL : 'amqp://user:password@hostname' (assign RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_URL value)
  • BROKER_POOL_LIMIT : 1 (use '1' on a free RabbitMQ plan, see RabbitMQ on Heroku)
  • NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME : 'Buildtime Trend as a Service'
  • NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY (set when enabling Heroku add-on)
  • NEW_RELIC_LOG : 'stdout' (set when enabling Heroku add-on)
  • NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_FILE : newrelic.ini