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A start on an Adventure-style game in Wheeler. It's barely begun, rea…


Ordinarily I wouldn't publish something like this yet, but it's already so
impossibly slow that it's worth discussing with those interested in helping
Wheeler grow.
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+# An Adventure-style game for Wheeler
+# Inspiration (but not implementation) drawn from Dennis Merritt's "Adventure in Prolog". Props.
+transition (pattern begin game) (action intro1)
+transition (pattern intro1) (action print "Adventure in Wheeler" intro2)
+transition (pattern intro2) (action print "-------------------------------" intro3)
+transition (pattern intro3) (action print "You are a young detective named Trixie. You are trying to find " intro4)
+transition (pattern intro4) (action print "your friend Honey after her mysterious disappearance this morning." intro5)
+transition (pattern intro5) (action print "You are standing in the foyer of Honey's house, a modest mansion in " intro6)
+transition (pattern intro6) (action print "the countryside. You are facing east.")
+# Get the party started
+begin game

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