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Wheeler is a programming language

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What's going on here?

This is the Wheeler programming language. It is probably different from other languages you've seen.

There is a REPL that is handy for playing with the language. Just run ./bigwheel

Wheeler doesn't have much implemented yet but you can do some simple things in the REPL such as printing strings or experimenting with transitions (one of the core language features).

There is also an interpreter that you can execute from the command line like so: ./wheeler


There is now a small wiki about Wheeler:

Here's a very quick intro to Wheeler:

And here's a much older (but more sane) intro to Wheeler:


  • Python 2.7

How do I install and run this?

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. git clone

  2. cd wheeler

  3. ./bigwheel


I've love your feedback, ideas, and contributions. matt-at-youell-dot-com or @built on twitter.

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