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Aug 22, 2020


Privatezilla is the simplest way to perform a quick privacy and security check of your Windows 10 copy.

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Privatezilla integrates the most critical Windows 10 privacy settings and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these settings. Active settings are marked with the status "Configured" and indicates that your privacy is protected. The inactive ones are declared as "Not configured". All available settings (currently 60) can be enabled as well as disabled.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (supports 1809 - 2009)


Community package

For advanced users only!

The community package for Privatezilla adds support for several advanced scripting features based upon PowerShell, e.g.

  • Removal of specific pre-installed apps
  • Uninstall of OneDrive
  • Unping Startmenu tiles
  • Disable telemetry of third-party apps (E.g. CCleaner, Firefox, Dropbox, Microsoft Office)
  • Removal of Windows Defender (NOT recommended! I can highly recommend using Windows Defender on consumer versions of Windows 10)
  • Blocking telemetry via firewall and host files. Rules are provided by crazy-max/WindowsSpyBlocker
  • Support for all-in-one PowerShell debloating script Windows10Debloater.ps1
  • New automation templates

All objects (templates and scripts) included can be viewed here

How-to Install

  • Download the latest file.
  • Extract the package to Privatezilla installation directory (the extracted package must have the name scripts)
  • Restart Privatezilla

Intro of community package after Installing



Since release 0.30 this project is partly based upon

More infos here

This software uses the following packages:


If you like the tool please consider supporting me via PayPal.

You can buy me a coffee or donut, some banana, a shirt, Taycan or Tesla, the stars or whatever you want here

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