SaaS Wiki Collaboration Tool for All Things Coffee.
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SaaS Wiki Collaboration Tool for All Things Coffee

Coffee lovers can create, edit and collaborate on markdown wikis relating to all things coffee.

Demo Site

Case Study

Project Objectives

  • Users can sign up for a free account by providing a user name, password and email
  • Users can sign in and out of Brewpedia
  • Users with a standard account, can create, read, update, and delete public wikis
  • User roles available: admin, standard, or premium
  • Development database is seeded automatically with users and wikis
  • Users can upgrade account from a free to a paid plan
  • Users can create private wikis
  • Users can edit wikis using Markdown syntax
  • Users can add and remove collaborators for private wikis
  • Users have readable URLs on wikis

Built With

Languages and Frameworks:

  • Ruby 2.3.3
  • Rails 4.2.5
  • Bootstrap


  • SQLite (Test, Development)
  • PostgreSQL (Production)

Tools and Gems:

  • SendGrid for email confirmation
  • Devise for user authentication
  • Pundit for user authorization
  • Stripe for payment processing
  • Figaro for secure configuration
  • Redcarpet for Markdown formatting
  • Faker for seeding fake data
  • FriendlyId 5.1.0 for human friendly URLs

Setup and Configuration


  • Environment variables were set using Figaro and are stored in config/application.yml (ignored by git).

  • The config/application.example.yml file illustrates how environment variables should be stored.

To run Blocipedia locally:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Create and migrate the database with rake db:create and rake db:migratecd
  4. Start the server using rails server
  5. Run the app on localhost:3000