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99 Problems in OCaml.
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99 Problems in OCaml

These are my solutions to 99 Problems in OCaml, which is inspired by Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems. I'm new to OCaml, so patches (or pull requests) are very welcome :)


Currently in progress.

Working with lists

No. Description Status No. Description Status
01 Last element Completed 15 Replicate Completed
02 Last two elements Completed 16 Drop every N'th Completed
03 K'th element Completed 17 Split Completed
04 Length Completed 18 Slice Completed
05 Reverse Completed 19 Rotate Completed
06 Palindrome Completed 20 Remove Completed
07 Flatten Completed 21 Insert Completed
08 Eliminate duplicates Completed 22 Range Completed
09 Pack duplicates Completed 23 Random select Completed
10 Run-length Completed 24 Random numbers Completed
11 Modified run-length Completed 25 Random permutation Completed
12 Decode run-length Completed 26 Combinations Completed
13 Direct run-length Completed 27 Group Completed
14 Duplicate Completed 28 Sort by length Completed


No. Description Status No. Description Status
29 Prime Completed 35 Improve 32 Completed
30 GCD Completed 36 Compare 32 and 35 Completed
31 Coprime Completed 37 List prime numbers Not completed
32 Euler's totient Completed 38 Goldbach's conjecture Not completed
33 Prime factors Completed 39 Goldbach compositions Not completed
34 Prime factors 2 Completed

Logic and Codes

No. Description Status
40 Truth tables for logical expressions (2 variables) Not completed
41 Truth tables for logical expressions Not completed
42 Gray code Not completed
43 Huffman code Not completed

Binary Trees

No. Description Status No. Description Status
44 Completely balanced Not completed 53 Collect nodes at a level Not completed
45 Symmetric Not completed 54 Complete binary tree Not completed
46 Binary search trees Not completed 55 Layout 1 Not completed
47 Generate-and-test Not completed 56 Layout 2 Not completed
48 Height-balanced Not completed 57 Layout 3 Not completed
49 48 with N nodes Not completed 58 Stringify Not completed
50 Count leaves Not completed 59 Preorder and inorder Not completed
51 Collect leaves Not completed 60 Dotstring Not completed
52 Collect internals Not completed

Multiway Trees

No. Description Status
61 Count nodes Not completed
62 Node string Not completed
63 Internal path length Not completed
64 Bottom-up order Not completed
65 Lisp-like tree Not completed


No. Description Status No. Description Status
66 Conversions Not completed 72 Graph coloration Not completed
67 Path Not completed 73 Depth-first traversal Not completed
68 Cycle Not completed 74 Connected components Not completed
69 Spanning trees Not completed 75 Bipartite graphs Not completed
70 Minimal spanning tree Not completed 76 K-regular simple graphs Not completed
71 Graph isomorphism Not completed

Miscellaneous Problems

No. Description Status No. Description Status
77 Eight queens problem Not completed 82 Syntax checker Not completed
78 Knight's tour Not completed 83 Sudoku Not completed
79 Von Koch's conjecture Not completed 84 Nonograms Not completed
80 An arithmetic puzzle Not completed 85 Crossword puzzle Not completed
81 English number words Not completed

Building and Testing Answers

You will need the latest version of the following libraries:

To build and test the answers, just run omake. Run omake clean to remove files generated in building.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2013 Naoto Yokoyama

Distributed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for full details.

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