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A simple Python wrapper for OBD serial communications.
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A simple Python wrapper for OBD serial communications.

To use it you would need a OBD II connector with the ELM327 chipset. I have tested it on a USB one, but after pairing it, it should work fine with bluetooh and wifi.

In order to use it just follow the next instructions

Instantiate the adapter:

adapter = elm327.Elm327()

Connect to the ECU:

# change parameters accordingly
adapter.initialize(port=self.adapter_port, bps=38400, debug=True, data_rate = 1 ) 

Query away!

# will query Monitors status since DTCs cleared.

You can even write to the ECUS:

adapter.write("please don't break your ECUs")

For the PIDS codes please reference:

If you want to keep things clear, disconnect:


I am not liable if you write weird things to your ECU or suddenly your car starts acting weird. Please be mindful and responsible with what you do.

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