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The goal is to get our own scripting language into the browser. We'll use llvm and pnacl. Or at least that's what we thought.
We decided to implement lisp in the browser, using JS and a Chrome Extension: http://bukzor.github.io/hackathon2013.7/


Other notes:

A good way to verify your pnacl setup, is the pnacl-examples extention.

To get chrome 30 in ubuntu, you need the google-chrome ppa

A fixed chromium bug enabling use of nacl in plugins:

Problems and Solutions

P: The pnacl objects seem to run, but hang.

S: You may have enabled the debugger, which would cause any nacl object to hit a breakpoint. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-nacl-debug and make sure it's disabled.

P: Lots of weird errors when compiling the llvm tutorials code, such as error: no matching member function for call to 'CreateCall'

P: Make sure you're using llvm-3.0, not any of the 2.x series.