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🏡 My Home Assistant Configuration Files. Be sure to ⭐️ my repo!
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Home-Assistant-Configuration Build Status

Home Assistant configuration files (YAMLs). These are my Home Assistant configuration files.




  • Voice Notifications on Google Home's via Google Assistant Webserver on Hassio
  • Stream radio stations onto Chromecasts and control their volume.
  • On motion from Fibaro Multisensor turn on lights.
  • Burgular Alarm from Xiaomi Gateway when alarm panel is Armed and triggered.
  • Burgular notifications from Fibaro Multisensor
  • Temperature notification from Fibaro Multisensor if no one is home and the home temperature is above 23°C at 5PM. - Option to start the Air Conditioner.
  • AC Split System control via Harmony Hub.
  • Ceiling Fan control via Broadlink RM Pro.
  • Living Room TV Activity control via Harmony Hub.
  • Daily Automatic Cleaning when nobody is home via Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2
  • Selective room cleaning via Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 including Picture Elements Card card to allow me to click / touch a room to begin a cleaning cycle.
  • Automatically lock front door after specific time period.
  • Automatically turn on Entryway light when front door opens and turn off after time period.
  • Automatically turn on Living room light when front door opens and no motion detected inside for 10 minutes.
  • Automatically turn off Outdoor heater after specific time period
  • Change Home Assistant to a dark theme at sunset and back to the light theme at sunrise.
  • Hide Media Players from the Home Assistant Default View when not being used.
  • Media Player light control in Living Room, Dim lights when playing and brighten when paused/stopped.
  • LimitlessLED Remote Control forwarding to ensure Home Assistant doesn't lose sync whilst using it.
  • Turn on Entryway light for 10 minutes once I get home.
  • Weather notification at sunrise and sunset.
  • Goodnight script / Voice activation which will turn off all devices, lock the front door and advise via a voice notification if and how many windows or doors are open.
  • UPS status notification (On Battery / Low Battery / On Line)
  • Trash and Recycle Bin night reminders - Thanks CCOSTAN!
  • Washing Machine monitoring and reminders - Thanks philhawthorne!
  • TV Media Player Control with Picture Elements Card - Thanks mattclair


Day Theme

Default Home Security Lights Other

Night Theme


HA Floorplan

HA Floorplan

HA Dashboard

Home Security Weather Floorplan



Configuration files are being edited with Cloud9 IDE Add-on.

Configuration files are tested against the most stable version of home-assistant using Travis.

Message me via the HomeAssistant forums if you have any questions or recommendations in regards to my repository!

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