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md => pdf workflow


Personal convenience script for generating reasonable looking pdfs from a markdown file or folder while keeping script files and stylesheets organized.

Fairly specific to my habits, but in the off chance others may find it useful, here it is. I really do think WeasyPrint and upcoming CSS3 standards are vastly underappreciated, whether in Minimal Computing world, web design, or publishing (scholarly and otherwise).


  • WeasyPrint + CSS3 Paged Media standards are pretty great
  • Even my "word processor" is styled with HTML/CSS, so why futz with LaTeX?
  • Invoking LaTeX as a "solution" for plaintext word processing undermines the power of markdown IMHO and hugely limiting--in terms of bulky platform specific dependencies, annoying syntax hurdles, typography limitations, and domain specific markup.


  1. update env variables in
  2. copy to your preferred user scripts folder, e.g. ~/.username
  3. symlink to your preferred bin, e.g. ln -s ~/.username/mdtopdf/ /usr/local/bin/mdtofpdf
  4. update/add stylesheet(s) in mdtopdf folder
  5. mdtopdf [-f input-file-path] [-i input-folder-path] [-o output-prefix]

Depending on?


🚧 Of course, still working on this ... 🚧

  • What about accessibility of generated documents?
  • What about ensuring docs meet basic PDF standards?
  • What about images?
  • What about a simple resume template?
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