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BU Study Group (a Mozilla Study Group)

Welcome to BU's Study Group. We are a group of students, staff, and researchers interested in open science, coding, reproducible research, and research. We're an open group and anyone associated with BU is welcome to join, attend, or lead a session.

Getting started

  • Check out our issues labeled "Getting Started"
  • Introduce yourself!
  • Check out our upcoming sessions.
  • Have a question or something you'd like to learn about? Create an issue!
  • New to git and Github? Check out the tutorials at the top of Github's Help. You can always ask us if you need some help.
  • Watch this repo: Click the button that says 'Watch' in the top right of the page to get email notifications of issues. If you don't want email, you can change your settings in Settings -> Notification Center (click on the little cog in the top right).
  • Check out our code of conduct
  • Feel free to add yourself to the "Who We Are" section of the website. Click on Branch and select gh-pages to get taken to the website branch. Under _data, you'll find a file called members.yml. If you want to try out your git skills, fork the repository, add your data to members.yml and open a pull request. Or just create an issue, and we'll help you out!

Wait What's a 'Mozilla Study Group'?

Mozilla Study Groups are fun, informal meetups of your friends and colleagues from around your local institution or town to share skills, stories and ideas on using code for research. The goal is to create a friendly, no-pressure environment where people can share their work, ask for help on a coding problem, and learn and work together with their peers.

View our lessons and talks

We keep our lessons and talks in a separate repository - studyGroupLessons - to help keep things organized. Take a minute to check them out!