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Added a progress indicator

Updated position of Keyboard shortcuts available link

Uninstalled LogRocket

Moved the Support Development link


Installed LogRocket in order to better track errors



UI update for the application when on mobile

Keyboard shortcuts should now be more obvious when on a desktop computer

Added manifest file so the app can now be added to your homescreen

Auto-fill action is now available on mobile

You can now support development of Bulk Pinner if you would like, by using the link in the footer and sidebar


Fixed some bugs around Google Adsense


Implemented CriticalCSS to make initial loading faster


Made use of font-display to progressively load the web font


Fixed bug in Firefox with inline SVG's


Removed the iconfont that was really weighing the page down, and replaced with SVGs

Updated the SVG's with some much nicer animations


Fixed further bad URLs


Fixed bad URL preloading the scripts file


Fixed URLs of items to cache to be relative


Fixed the URL to the service worker so it's relative



Added a service worker!

The service worker will make the application load much faster on repeat visits


Bug Fixes

Fixed bug caused by trying to clear error sig


Updated uglification of JS so it happens within webpack


Updated version of Bugsnag to hopefully better capture application errors


Bug Fixes

Modals can now be viewed on mobile

Autofill will work on subsequent tries, not just the first time after a page load


Bug Fixes

Actually fixed the modal close bug

Added an Analytics feature tracking event



Added the ability to disconnect the currently connected Pinterst account, so that you can authorize and use another Pinterest account

Styled the letters in the keyboard shortcuts modal. In case you weren't aware the modal can be accessed by typing ? (shift + /)

Bug fixes

Fixed close button for keyboard shortcuts modal

Fixed the height of pin previews so they all match

Fixed layering of modals, which were being displayed behing the toolbar since it was made sticky

Fixed position of modals when they triggered after users have scrolled down the page

Fixed the width of the note and link fields


Fixed event tracking

The previous udpate added some event tracking, but it wasn't going through to Google Analytics in a very readable way, so that's been fixed

Out of date browser message

The application doesn't work in Internet Explorer. IE is a pain to support, so I decided I wouldn't. As there have been people trying to use Bulk Pinner with IE11, I've now created a simple Browser Out Of Date message that will let users know that they should update to a modern browser.


Added more custom event tracking

This will allow me to see how people use the application, so I can see which parts are useful and which aren't so useful


Removed note about limited users

Pinterest have finally approved the app, so the notice that only testers can use it is no longer required



Sticky Action Toolbar

When scrolling down, the action toolbar will now become sticky. This is to stop users having to scroll back to the top of the page to click the Pin button, but also because the other actions could be useful as a user scrolls


Pin Preview option drop down hidden

When a pin is successfully create, the options drop down is no longer required, so it is now hidden

Autofill all note/link fields

Added a new shortcut key that will automatically populate the note and link fields for all Pin Preview with the value of the note and link fields in the first Pin Preview.

Various code refactoring

Made interface somewhat responsive

If using the application on mobile, it should be a lot more usable now



Use Image Filename

As requested by a tester, you can now select to use the filename of the image being pinned in the note field. This is available through a drop down options menu in the top right of each pin preview component

Keyboard Shorts

I have added some simple keyboard shortcuts to hopefully make things even easier! To view the available keyboard shortcuts, type ?.

Bug fixes

Application header in Firefox

Firefox seems to have issues when setting the height of an element to 100%, with a max height set in viewport units. I've fixed that now so it should display as nicely in Firefox as it does in other browsers

Error Reporting

I was getting error reports in Bugsnag, however it wasn't including any information of the actual error. I've now update the call to the service so I can see more information about errors if/when they happen. This will make them a lot easier to identify, replicate and fix.


Privacy Policy

Added a privacy policy for Bulk Pinner


Version bump


Bug fixes

  • Removed the error reporting as it had the potential to report false positives. Will need some further work


Bug fixes

  • If there was an error sending the image to Pinterest, that error wasn't being handled, it is now
  • The Send all images to board drop down select now resets when clicking Clear Completed or Clear All
  • The application will now actually check if some images were selected before 'transforming' into the pin preview view
  • Clicking refresh board won't add the 'blank' board option into the select drop down


Actually removed jQuery from being downloaded

Whilst the previous release just a few minutes ago removed the need for jQuery, I forgot to actually remove the script tags that was downloading the library.

Minified the JS

Took this opportunity to also minify the main JS file, so it's much, much smaller now


Bug Fixes

  • Image previews weren't displaying correctly
  • Spacing between image previews was inconsistent
  • Removed left over console.log debug code


  • Removed the need for jQuery. Using a smaller ajax library now
  • Added icon for Authorize button
  • Added Fork me on GitHub ribbon
  • Added Clear completed and clear all buttons
  • Added fancier link hover animation
  • Added hover effect for Authorize and Change Images buttons. I don't think it will stay though because I'm not a big fan of it
  • Added various structured data and Google Analytics related code


Added error tracking

  • Included Bugsnag, which will hopefully keep me informed of any errors, and also updated Google Analytics tracking code


Beta release

The initial version of the application. Allows people to select images from their device, add a note and then select which Pinterest board they should be sent to.

Users can select individual boards for each image, or select a board for all images to be sent to.

Currently the application uses a pretty raw implementation of FileReader to load up images, which is not the best for performance, but that will be updated in the near future