Bulksign API samples in C#
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Bulksign Api Samples
Bulksign Api Samples.sln


Bulksign Api samples

Bulksign API sample code (in C#).

This repository contains sample C# code for interacting with Bulksign API. To make matters very simple is using the Bulksign dotNet SDK

Samples and scenarios included

SingleDocumentSingleSigner.cs : simplest scenario, shows how to send a document for signing with Bulksign for a single recipient.

MultipleSignersInSerialFlow.cs : shows how to send a document for signing with multiple recipients in serial mode.

DisableEmailNotifications.cs : shows how to disable email notifications for a specific bundle.

MultipleSignersInBulkFlow.cs : shows how to send a document for signing to multiple recipients in bulk mode.

AddNewSignatureToDocument.cs : shows you how to add a new signature field to a document and assign it to the recipient.

AllowRecipientDelegation.cs : shows you how to enable recipient delegation for a bundle.

PreventFinishedDocumentToAllSigners.cs : how to prevent signers from receiving a copy of the finished document.

CustomDocumentAccess.cs : shows to assign different documents to different recipients in same bundle.

SetFormFieldValues.cs : example of setting a pdf form field value when sending the bundle for signing.

Running the code

  • create a Bulksign account
  • login, go to Settings\Api Token.
  • copy the value of the "Default" token
  • edit ApiKeys.cs and replace the TOKEN and EMAIL constants with the token value and your email address.
  • build and run the project