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Large ruleset load fails #8

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Running ript rules apply sometimes fails to load rules:

$ ript rules generate /etc/firewall/ | wc -c
$ ript rules diff /etc/firewall/ | wc -c
$ ript rules apply /etc/firewall/ | wc -c
$ ript rules diff /etc/firewall/ | wc -c
# ^ should be 0


The offending code is here:

To explain what's going on:

  • L122 is calling ript diff with the same arguments as passed to ript apply which generates the iptables commands to be run to bring the machine to the desired state.
  • L123 outputs the captured output from ript diff to the console, for user feedback.
  • L124 constructs a shell command to execute the captured ript diff output, and executes it

The problem is the length of the output that is being passed to the command:

# ript rules generate /etc/firewall/ | wc -c

That's a whole lotta characters, and Ruby's system() method doesn't seem to like it at all. If I print the result of the system() method call, I receive a nil.

The Ruby stdlib docs; say:

system returns true if the command gives zero exit status, false for non zero exit status. Returns nil if command execution fails. An error status is available in $?.

This seems to be a problem if you're doing a large initial import of rules on a new machine.

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