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			   UDP Samplicator		-*- text -*-

This small program receives UDP datagrams on a given port, and resends
those datagrams to a specified set of receivers.  In addition, a
sampling divisor N may be specified individually for each receiver,
which will then only receive one in N of the received packets.


This package is distributed under


See the `INSTALL' file.


See the `AUTHORS' file.


The usage convention for the program is

	$ samplicate [<option>...] [<destination>...]

Where each <option> can be one of

	-d <level>	to set the debugging level
	-s <address>	to set interface address on which to listen
			for incoming packets (default any)
	-p <port>	to set the UDP port on which to listen for
			incoming packets (default 2000)
	-b <buflen>	size of receive buffer (default 65536)
	-c configfile	specify a config file to read
	-x <delay>	to specify a transmission delay in units of
	-S		maintain (spoof) source addresses
	-n		don't compute UDP checksum (only relevant with -S)
	-f		fork program into background
	-V		to print a version message and exit
	-h		to print a usage message and exit

and each <destination> should be specified as
<addr>[/<port>[/<interval>]], where

	<addr>		IP address of the receiver
	<port>		port UDP number of the receiver (default 2000)
	<freq>		number of received datagrams between successive
			copied datagrams for this receiver.

Config file format:

  a.b.c.d[/e.f.g.h]: receiver ...
  a.b.c.d		is the senders IP address
  e.f.g.h		is a mask to apply to the sender (default
  receiver		see above.

Receivers specified on the command line will get all packets, those
specified in the config-file will get only packets with a matching source.
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