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A FastWesome contest is a front-end design contest between you and your friends.

Types of FastWesome

1. The free FastWesome

With the Free FastWesome, you have 10 or 20 minuts to create, or at least, try to create anything you want.

2. The mutual FastWesome

With the Mutual FastWesome, you have 10 - 30 minuts to create, or at least, try to create something that the group previously decide to code.


  1. Grab Friends, mates, fellow, pals, your boss and even your mother
  2. Open a new pen on
  3. Decide at what time the contest have to start (usually, prefer to start a contest each 5 minuts, 05/10/15/20)
  4. Start ! And let the awesomeness fulfill your heart ... and your pen :D

When is the next FastWesome ?

FastWesome Schedule

Where can I join a FastWesome ?

Where can I find the results ?

FastWesome website