this is the bullgit manifesto
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the bullgit manifesto

this is the bullgit manifesto

0. nobody has to obey the bullgit manifesto

  1. it's bullgit, not Bullgit, BullGit or bullGit
  2. be awesome to each other
  3. open source everything or at least try
  4. choose open source licenses (VVL and WTFPL are the illest)
  5. create new shitty stuff
  6. contribute to existing repositories
  7. extend the wiki
  8. chat with the gitches
  9. choose a team and immediately stop caring about it
  10. choose a bullshit-job-title for yourself or create your own
  11. use every single bullgit project on a productive site at the same time
  12. do shit!
  13. bullgit ❤️ you

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