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A collection of git command alias for gitches.

How to ?

Just open your .gitconfig and add the content of the .gitconfig file from this repo, under [alias]


For example, here is a widely used series of command :

   $ git add *
   $ git commit -m "Something new" 
   $ git push

With Bullias, you could write :

   $ git ass *
   $ git vomit -m "Something new"
   $ git poop


A list of aliases for gitches

Bullias Git Command Usage
ass add $ git ass <value>
suck pull $ git suck <value>
poop push $ git poop <value>
trees branch $ git trees <value>
fuckoff checkout $ git fuckoff <value>
dolly clone $ git dolly <value>
vomit commit $ git vomit <value>
look diff $ git look <value>
stole fetch $ git stole <value>
comeon init $ git comeon <value>
showme log $ git showme <value>
stick merge $ git stick <value>
getout mv $ git getout <value>
takeit rebase $ git takeit <value>
cleandat reset $ git cleardat <value>
forkyou rm $ git forkyou <value>
strip show $ git strip <value>
speak status $ git speak <value>
whodidthis blame $ git whodidthis <value>
cheat gui $git cheat
whereami show-branch $git whereami