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Oct 6, 2021
Jan 17, 2017

bullshit job titles BJTs

npm package

  • .BMP Optimizer BMPO
  • 4 Stages Bullshit Recruiter 4SBR
  • Adobe Acrobat Updater AAU
  • Amazing Keyboard Presser AKP
  • ASAP Developer ASAPD
  • Awesome Multiple Files Deleter AMFD
  • Bug Hunting as a Service BHaaS
  • Beard Manager BM
  • Beautiful Code Artisan BCA
  • Big IT Consultant Helper BITCH
  • Bottomless Pit of Awesome Name Ideas BPANI
  • Brand Champion BC
  • Bullshit Experience Designer BXD
  • Busy Digital Software Manager BDSM
  • Chief Happiness Officer CHO
  • Chief Executive Ravioli Code Chef CERCC
  • Chief Make it Fucking Run Officer CMIFRO
  • Closed Source Evangelist CSE
  • Community Data Guerrilla CDG
  • Complete Graphical Manager CGM
  • Coolest Copy Cat CCC
  • Crack & Ecstasy Organizer CEO
  • Creative Mastermind CMM
  • Creative Researcher Hacker CRH
  • CSS Programmer CSSP
  • CSS Warrior CSSW
  • CSS Tamer CSST
  • Digital Prophet DP
  • Direct Response Administrator DRA
  • Drag & Drop Hero DDH
  • Dreamweaver RockStar DWRS
  • Early Morning Late Adopter EMLA
  • Evolutionary Thinker of Free Code ETFC
  • Expert Mobile Phone Photographer EMPP
  • Facebook Quality Controller FQC
  • Facial Hair Consultant FHC
  • Fax Machine Masterer FMM
  • First Class HTML Prodigy FCHP
  • First Class Joomla Hacker FCJH
  • Flash Guru FG
  • Freaking Frontpage Expert FFH
  • Future Functionality Consultant FFC
  • Future Millionaire FMN
  • Google Search Expert GSE
  • Guru Master Business Hero GMBH
  • Hashtag Manager Legend HTML
  • Homepage Designer HPD
  • HTML Artist HAT
  • HTML5 Gangster HG
  • HyperSpace Tamer HST
  • In-House Philosopher IHP
  • Incomplete Beard Grower IBG
  • Independent Security Resarcher ISR
  • Informal Coffee Analist ICA
  • Innovation Sherpa IS
  • Internet Expert IE
  • JavaScript Giant JSG
  • JavaScript Injectioneer JI
  • Jekyll Static Site Specialist JSSS
  • Job Title Generator JTG
  • Joomla Celebrity JMC
  • Junior Beard Developer JBD
  • Junior WordPress Admin JWPA
  • Lazy Exotic Environment Technologist LEET
  • Lead File Uploader LFU
  • Lead WYSIWYG Ninja LWN
  • M.Dot Superhero MDSH
  • Magnificent Meme Meiseter MMM
  • Markdown Hacker MDH
  • Master CSS-layout Spec Designer MClSC
  • Master of Copy&Paste MCP
  • Mindmap Designer MD
  • Minimum Viable Product Developer MVPD
  • National Usability Director NUD
  • Ninja Wizard King Slayer NWKS
  • Phone Answering Specialist PAS
  • Photoshop Master PSM
  • Pornography Historian PH
  • Post-Privacy Guru PPG
  • Powerful Newsletter Unsubscriber PNU
  • Pro CSS-managing-system Developer PCSSMSD
  • Pro TYPO3 Installer PTI
  • Professional E-Mail Composer PEC
  • Professional Pizza Reheater PPR
  • Professional TweetDeck Monitorerer PTM
  • Qualitative Spam Reader QSM
  • Quantum GUI User QGU
  • Rapid Prototype Developer RPD
  • Redditor R
  • SASS Master SS
  • Security Startup Test SST
  • Senior Beard Manager SBM
  • Senior Coffee Maker SCM
  • Senior Google Analytics Expert SenGAnEx
  • Senior Phone Operator SPO
  • Senior WordPress Admin SWPA
  • Sexual Social Media Professor SSMP
  • Shizzlifier SZZ
  • Social Media Assistant SMA
  • Source Code Explorer SCE
  • StackExchange Research Assistant SERA
  • Sublime Text Evangelist STE
  • Table Layout King TLK
  • Thought Leader TL
  • Über SASS Tweeter UST / USST
  • UILang Expert UE
  • Unemployed Interface Engineer UIE
  • Variables Lord Master VLM
  • Viral Videograph VV
  • Virtual Horsedriver VH
  • Virtuous Twittererer VTRR
  • Virtuous Visualiser VVS
  • Visionary Product Owner VPO
  • Visual Jockey VJ
  • Volunteer Frameset Endorser VFE
  • Webmaster WM
  • Website Building Warrior WBW
  • Web Experience Manager WXM
  • WiFi Wires Shop Owner WWSO
  • Wikipedia Content Quality Supervisor WCQS
  • Wordpress Expert WpE
  • Java Junky JJ
  • Service Workers Wizard SWW

add your own BJTs - Pull Requests welcome!