Less dangerous than Russian roulette, more fun than git (less NSFW than chatroulette)
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Make your git workflow a little less boring.

What's life without a little risk?

git roulette is just like git commit -m, but with a twist : once in a while, it'll blow up in your face and do something silly.

git-roulette will not boost your productivity. But hey, maybe it's a good way to learn how to fix git related issues.

It's less dangerous than Russian roulette though:

  • You'll always get a warning message.
  • The silly things git-roulette does can always be fixed easily (if you know your way around git).
  • It won't affect any of your collaborators (unless you push carelessly).


$ git add .
$ git roulette "A super descriptive commit message"
$ git push # If you're lucky


Just put the git-roulette script somewhere your $PATH can see it.

This would be a simple way to do it:

git clone git@github.com:victormours/git-roulette.git
cp git-roulette/git-roulette /bin/git-roulette # you may need to sudo


Good old MIT license.


Eh, I'm not so sure there's much to add. But you can always fork and send a pull request.


  • Obligatory "How git-roulette uses git-roulette to develop git-roulette" conference talk
  • git-roulette --hint to give advice on how to fix things
  • git-poker?
  • fix intermittent bug that crashes the whole system and removes the whole repo on all remotes once in a while